Publisher’s Note: Growing Onions from a Novice Gardener

Growing Onions

I hope everybody had the opportunity to read the onion stories in our April issue of Growing. I am not a professional vegetable grower, just a novice gardener, but I gained valuable information from them, especially “7 Tips for Growing Your Best Onion” and “Onion Seed Varieties.” Growing Onions   I love onions on and in … Read more

What is Wrong with My Pumpkin Patch?

Pumpkin Patch

Growing readers, I am requesting your help. Last fall, our family had a pathetic pumpkin harvest. Even Linus from “Peanuts” would have laughed at it. We had pumpkins of all shapes and color – some looked like deflated basketballs, some looked like they had been beaten up with a bat, and some were yellow, light … Read more

Sakata Releases New Third-Party Sensory Analysis Results; New Golden Beet

Sakata Releases New Third-Party Sensory Analysis Results; New Golden Beet

Over the past decade, Sakata Seed America has steadily risen to the top of the beet game with genetics that provide great yield and consistency in the field. Traditional beet varieties that have become proven grower favorites include Eagle, Merlin, Falcon, Vulture and ‘baby’ beet, Robin. Sakata’s answer to this new consumer demand is Touchstone … Read more

Grimmway Farms: Producing Consistent Carrots Twice a Year

Grimmway Farms

The carrot business is all about consistent quality. Provide a predictable, high-quality product and you’ll never have to worry about a market. Getting to that sweet spot, however, demands a combination of factors, including proper seed, proper handling and a location that allows some forgiveness should Mother Nature turn against you. That is the reason … Read more