10 Easiest and Hardest Vegetables to Grow in your Garden – 2023 Guide

Growing vegetables can be more difficult than it seems, so little knowledge is needed, as always in life. Vegetables from private gardens are the healthiest, so it would be best if we can have our own. That means that we will avoid pesticides and other harmful chemicals that big industries can use. Even smaller farms these days tend to use those since it is simply more profitable for them. Before the big decision to grow the garden, it is best to know what vegetables are easy to grow and which of them need more care, since we don’t always have enough time for them. You will find out that in this text, and in case you need some machines to help you, check tehnos.pl.

1. Green beans

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First of all, you need to decide which sort of green beans you want. There are two of them: bush beans and pole beans. Bush beans don’t need support and maintenance, and pole beans require stakes to climb because of long vines. Pole beans are more resistant to diseases, but both sorts are easy to grow. But generally speaking, they are quite easy to grow. The best thing about them is that it is possible to have a plentiful harvest.

2. Zucchini

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If you have a spacious garden with well-composted soil, then the zucchini is a perfect choice. The sun is another important factor, and if all of it is okay, you can expect a bunch of zucchinis, so better be sure that your neighbors like them. Watering them is a simple task since you should do it at the soil level, and you will avoid powdery mildew. While they can grow much larger than that, it is best to harvest them as they are still around 8 inches ( 20 cm) in length, since that is ideal for them.

3. Lettuce

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It can be easy to grow the lettuce since it can do great in shady places, but also resist the hot weather. If it is in the shadow, you can harvest it longer since it will grow slower, and young leaves are perfect for salad. Picking only young leaves can prolong the life of lettuce, and you don’t need to provide some extra care to it. Buying seeds will be extremely easy since they are both cheap and widespread. And for the harvest, there will be no reason to wait too long. In two to three months, they will be ready.

4. Carrots

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Carrots like loose sandy soil and, the good thing is that they are resistible to frost. That means that you should plat them during the colder seasons. Carrots are not the only orange, and you can find them in many colors, such as white or purple. They need space, so try not to overcrowd them. Carrots are very resistant, and you don’t need to worry about diseases and pesticides.

5. Spinach

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If this is the very first adventure of this type, maybe try gardening with spinach first. It is simple to grow it, and that is why it is best for beginners. In a way, it is similar to lettuce, so maybe after spinach, it will be natural to continue to lettuce in time for the next harvest. It doesn’t matter, is it complete sun or shade spinach will find the way. But on the other hand,d it is probably best to directly sow it. After a couple of weeks pass, look at what is growing. If there are any clusters, thin them, that is all that is required. Almost any climate will do, and seasons also don’t matter.

6. Cucumber

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Another one that is not complicated would be a cucumber. In a way, it is a fruit that divides many people. Some people enjoy it while others don’t see the appeal in it. But a good thing about cucumber is that even if we don’t see it in a salad, we can always make some pickles. A desirable characteristic of theirs is that it is possible to plant them in both containers and the ground. In both cases, the perfect timing for the plantation would be after the last cold period in the spring since sunlight is of importance to them. And in some two months, we can get our cucumbers, and we can decide then how we want to use them.

7. Bell peppers

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Bell peppers are another high-grade choice we can make. There are two possible paths ahead of us if we pick them. First is to begin inside for a month to month and a half before going outside with them. Another is to buy them at the nearest nursery. Never forget how much they need the heat tough, so until the danger of the frost has left, do not begin growing them. Make sure they have a lot of suns and keep them separate. Composting is also a must, as well as watering constantly and fertilizing monthly.

8. Tomatoes

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If it is summer, we can be sure that people want to get their hands on some tomatoes. But most of them this day have a plastic taste to them. That is why we want that homegrown tomato. Everything else is the same as for the bell peppers, so just check those instructions.

9. Celery

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When it comes to a bit more difficult to grow plants, we have celery. Instructions might be too complicated to just mention them quickly here, but for the fan of it, the prize is more than worth the effort. Make sure to start on time as well, since their growing time is also longer than for the rest.

10. Onion

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Another more difficult choice would be an onion. So be careful when growing it, because it might make us cry as much as when we cut onions or even more. Once again, instructions may be too complex for brief instruction. But let us share what is the mistake people make commonly. And that is choosing the correct type that is corresponding with our conditions. So selecting the right type and planting at a precise moment is crucial.

So as we saw, there are a few options that are not ideal for beginners. But for the most part, it is not at all difficult to grow our plants. But what is not the easiest part is to select the exact plant we want to grow since all of them will be much tastier once we have grown them ourselves. So consult with your stomach and make a decision. The next steps will be even easier.