More For Your Floors: 14 Care And Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Floor cleaning has to be the heart of any home cleaning project. Whether your weekend deep cleaning or spring cleaning, these are incomplete without a thorough floor cleaning. Dirty floors will always be the first thing everyone notices when walking into a home. So, it’s essential to keep your surface clean all the time for a healthy home.

As cleaning is quite common in households, everyone has a plan to clean the surface at home. However, with the recommendation from Cleanzen, I have brought these 14-floor care and cleaning hacks to make the cleaning easier for you. Let’s check them out and see how they can be helpful to you.

1. Plan a routine


I think we all can agree that cleaning is a pretty time-consuming job. Even a quick vacuum all over the house can take up to hours. That’s why cleaning it routinely can be a massive help instead of cleaning after long gaps. Usually, vacuuming every weekend should be enough to keep things moderately clean.

2. Remove sticky things in an instant

I think we all are familiar with the situation when we accidentally pour glue or any other adhesive on the floor. Also, if you have kids in your house, it’s very common that you’ll find chewing gum sticking there? So, are you having a hard time removing that? Well, you can remove the gum or any adhesive within minutes by freezing them with an ice cube.

3. Retain the shine on the vinyl floor


Vinyl flooring is known for its extreme durability. It can serve you for decades if you can maintain the vinyl floor correctly. However, one of the critical drawbacks is that it starts to lose its shine after a certain period. But did you know you can retain it pretty quickly with an item as typical as baby oil? All you have to do is mix one cup of vinegar and a few drops of baby oil with hot water. Just mop this mixture on the surface and watch them shine again.

4. Freshen things up on the floor

Sometimes the cleaning is just not about looking clean, but also about freshening the atmosphere. In that regard, it’s crucial that the floor also smells fresh apart from being clean. You can easily accomplish that fresh smell with some widely available home ingredients. Just mix a 16oz pack of baking soda with a few drops of your preferred essential oil, pour it on the carper and finish by vacuum.

5. Occasional cleaning underneath furniture


It’s for the best to leave the large furniture at home as they are. As these pieces of furniture are so heavy, we usually don’t move them around and clean underneath them. However, you should occasionally clean underneath them to prevent massive dust buildup. Otherwise, this dust can ruin your regular cleaning efforts gradually.

6. Hard-to-reach areas are important

This tip is familiar with the previous one. We often look for shortcuts, and it can be tempting to ignore those hard-to-clean areas. It might save you some time right now. But in the long run, it won’ be that fruitful as the dust buildup in that area can spread dust on the open place you cleaned. That’s why you should clean these spots, even with an attachment.

7. Mop after you vacuum


When you are cleaning the floor after a long time, regular vacuuming might not be enough to clean them. In that scenario, mopping is essential to get the cleaning done. One mistake people often make in this scenario is getting to mopping directly, which can create a muddy watermark there. So, before sweeping, always get rid of the dust first.

8. Avoid using excess water onto the floor

As I mentioned above, vinyl floors are well known for their durability. But that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Though vinyl is resistant to water, excess water from mopping or spilling can quickly pour through the plank joints and weaken the surface. That’s why always be careful about wringing extra water before mopping.

9. Stain Removal made easy


If you clean your floor every few days, you’ll probably notice ink, lipstick, or any other type of stain on there. As you didn’t wash the colors right away and now trying after a few days, they can be tricky to get rid of. In this scenario, all you need to use is a soft brush with alcohol solvent, and the stains will go right away.

10. Unique dishwashing liquid application

I think every kitchen sink has a bottle of dishwashing liquid for dishes. However, have you ever thought about using it for floor cleaning? As dishwashing liquids have ingredients that can cut through the oil and grease, it can be convenient in cleaning the grease and oil on the kitchen floor.

12. Have patience while cleaning the floor


Always remember that the time you’ll need for cleaning will always be proportional to the time you stay away from cleaning. So, when you commit to cleaning after a long time, you can’t lose patience. Sometimes it can be tempting to scrub the floor with a steel brush or wool for a quick result, but in the long run, it’ll cause damage.

13. Removing carpet stain

Instead of the floor, this hack is about the carpet we all have in our house lying on the floor. It’s pretty standard for these carpets, especially the light-colored ones, to have dirt stains, which look bad. To remove this stain, rub the stain with shaving cream, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wash the cream later.

14. Prioritize specific art of the floor


Not all the area in your house has equal traffic. Therefore, there is less chance of dust buildup. So, if you don’t have time to commit to a thorough floor cleaning, just decide where are the high traffic areas of your house are and only clean that area regularly. The result will be much better than not cleaning at all.