6 Tips for Growing Cannabis for Oil Production

Cultivating cannabis that would be perfect for the final extraction requires a specific approach, that goes beyond just growing the best plants available on the market. Every grower that decides to take this step of preparing cannabis for oil production should consider a couple of things.

Top factors that all growers need to know about

Primarily, before a particular grower even starts with this practice should ensure the quality of the source material and genetics of the plant. Only in that way, he can expect a positive outcome and ideal oil production. Another thing that is important for one grower is to decide which cultivation method is the most suitable for the desired plant and its extract.

Logically, we can not forget that one grower needs to learn how to take care of the plant, how the plant is harvested and trimmed. Finally, the last factor that needs to be taken into consideration refers to pest management and how this procedure can influence resin production.

1. Cultivating cannabis

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You need to know one very important thing before you start with the cultivating process. It is not enough to think that a healthy clone is a goal to have perfect cannabis oil. Even though the quality really matters, it is not the only thing responsible for the success of the final product. More precisely, cultivating cannabis is a long and demanding process that requires a lot more than just having a high-quality and healthy clone. The conditions are even more difficult if you are going to cultivate cannabis in some tight indoor space.

Growing is really not an easy task as people think, therefore, if you really want to start with this procedure, be prepared to invest a lot of your time, patience, effort, and to learn. However, if you are now understanding how much renunciations are expecting you and you are not prepared for this time-consuming job, you can find reliable CBD oil products online by visiting Happy Garden. They are a reliable and credible company with plenty of experience and satisfied customers.

In general, some people are cultivating cannabis for a hobby or passion, someone for the business, however, they all need to know some tips regarding this operation.

2. Understand the law

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We must note that you need to be aware of the fact that cultivating even one cannabis plant for personal consumption is actually considered a felony. Therefore, it can be punishable by 5 years in prison and you can check that with the federal. However, four states in the US which are Colorado, Alaska, Oregon as well as Washington D.C. are having different laws which allow all citizens that are older than 21 years old to grow a limited number of cannabis plants without the consequences of any type including persecution.

3. What is the right growing environment for cannabis?

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Logically, before you start with the cultivating process and consider the genetics of the strain, you need to make sure that you are having a cannabis-friendly environment that will ensure healthily and properly cannabis growing. Some of the factors that are relevant when it comes to the ideal growing environment for cannabis are space, temperature, humidity, light, and even the pH of the water.

When it comes to the space, you need to leave at least 3 x 3 x 5 feet for the purpose of healthy growing. However the bigger the space you prepare, the better it will be for the plant. The temperature needs to be from 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit in that space. You should always have the hygrometers which is a tool that could tell you at the same time the temperature and the humidity. In terms of humidity, you should allow it to be from 30 to 45 %. Therefore, if you are living in an area where the humidity is high, you will need to buy some dehumidifiers and solve your problem.

The pH of the water needs to be in the range of 6.3 to 6.7. Like with other things, you will also need a specific tool which would be a meter in this case that you can stick into the water and read the pH of it. Finally, the light in the cannabis growing environment needs to be 2,200k. If you are having a closet set up, you can use a 175-watt HPS light.

Additionally, some growers even decide to try fluorescent lighting. However, these are not very good options. Therefore, just make sure that you are posting the lighting directly overhead and while they are very strong, you need to put the lights two feet from the plant. Otherwise, your plant is going to experience overheating.

4. Seek for a healthy clone

There are different sources from which you can buy a clone of the plant. In fact, medical and recreational dispensaries are now selling female cannabis clones. The price of one is approximately $15. Alternatively, these are the perfect places for finding a healthy clone. With a clone, you are literally two weeks ahead of the process, then you should be if you just have germinated seeds. It is better to start cultivating process with the clone.

5. Maintaining the vegetative cycle until the cannabis plant is mature

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Cannabis plants are giving the highest quality and quantity after maturing compared to any other plant. The process lasts about a month. It would be crucial to have an adequate drainage system, so you can drill some holes in the bottom.

The most common mistake that people make is to overwater and suffocate the roots of the plants. In general, cannabis is a plant that likes to be watered and dried out before you water it again. During that period called the vegetative cycle, the plant should be exposed to a minimum of 18 hours of lighting. Additionally, as we said do not forget to take care of the temperature of the space.

6. Harvest process

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After 60 days, growers will notice that there are small and bulbous fibers that are developing around the flower of the plant. Those plants’ trichomes will become amber. The time for harvesting them is when 10 to 15 percent of the trichomes turn that color. However, cannabis plants have a five- to the seven-day window of peak harvest time. You will need to remove the leaves of the cannabis with trim scissors and then start with the bucking process. The last step includes curing the bud. This process is highly important.

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