4 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas You Should Try

Your front yard is like a giant welcome mat for your home. You want it to offer massive curb appeal while being clean and inviting. To get the best results, you must do a little planning and maybe even some research.

You’ll probably need some front yard landscaping ideas to help you with your final design. Incorporating different design elements into your final plan can help create clean elegant lines to draw the idea and raise the value of your home. It will also ensure you get a great return on your investment, from your front yard and your home.
Here are 4 landscaping ideas you should consider when it’s time to upgrade your curb appeal.

1. Create Unique Walkways

Create Unique Walkways
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Walkways are part of any front yard, so be sure to design yours at least 36 inches wide if possible. Making it a little wider near the house will give an illusion of grandeur and guide people up the walk to the home. Lining the walkway with low lying features offers clean lines and makes it look bigger. The steps up to home will hopefully be at least as wide as the walkway, if not a little wider.

2. Add Cozy Outdoor Accents

Cozy Outdoor Accents
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A trellis on the stoop can help block the elements for visitors and, if there’s room, small outdoor furniture is a great addition. Not miniature but minimal, like an outdoor bench or a couple of cozy outdoor chairs. You want to create a functional outdoor space with a usable area that isn’t crowded.
Adding live foliage, like ivy or geraniums, to the trellis will make your entry warm and inviting. The minimal amount of furniture keeps it clean and offers a great place to sit and gaze on your awesome yard once you’re finished.

3. Incorporate Retaining Walls

If you’ve got a slope in the front yard, you’ll likely need to incorporate some unique retaining walls into your front yard landscaping ideas. You can use brick, natural stone, concrete, and more to create an incredible retaining wall that will add beauty and protect your yard.
Use the retaining wall to add elements to your front yard landscaping ideas or make it functional with nice clean lines that draw the eye. If the retaining wall is near the walkway, keep it under 2 feet tall so people can carry bags and walk beside each other without feeling crowded.

4. Balance Elements for Character

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When bringing your front yard landscaping ideas to life, you’ll want to balance some elements, like raised beds and shrubs to achieve the right aesthetic. Whether you’re going for a formal or natural setting, you want the elements in your front yard to be balanced for character.
Don’t forget that plants and shrubs will grow quickly, so choose varieties that will complement your home at maturity. Keep plants, trees, and shrubs in proportion to each other and don’t choose any that make your home look small.

Bring Your Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Life

Source: houselogic.com

Stick with the principles of unity and uniformity while incorporating nice clean lines and your front yard landscaping ideas will look fabulous. Use hardscape elements to make your yard look intentional and defined. They’ll help make your home look gorgeous, too, giving it some incredible curb appeal and raising the value of your home. You’re sure to get a great return on investment with these 4 front yard landscaping ideas and have an incredible design that you can enjoy on those perfect summer afternoons.