Fun Backyard Ideas Kids Are Sure To Love – 2021 Guide



The backyard is a space where children can play and enjoy themselves. However, not all of us are lucky to have an area that’s designed so that the kids can be entertained for hours. Fortunately, with the help of a few ideas, you can quickly transform your yard so that it will serve as a playground. And here are some of the best to help you get started.




Kids love to feel like they have their very own space to play with their friends. One of the easiest ways to provide this is with a club or playhouse. Today there are many plastics and wooden options available on the market, which don’t require any skills to assemble. A lot of these come with ladders, swings, slides, and other extras kids are sure to enjoy. If you have some DIY skills and want to try and save some cash you may want to try and build one on your own. But don’t forget to invest in a good set of plans first of course. Another more budget-friendly option, although not to be considered permanent structures, plays tents.

Tree Faces

Children have vivid imaginations. They love to pretend that the yard contains fantastical creatures big and small. Many of these are actually from stories, cartoons, and movies while others are simply made up. You can help to create an outdoor space which is even more magical for them by adding faces to some of your trees. Typically made from resin or wood, tree faces are designed in a variety of expressions and also styles.  And there are both male and female tree faces as well. Once installed a fun activity is giving your kids a chance to name the different faces and create a story about each one.

Wildlife Magnets

There are quite a few ways you can attract beneficial species of wildlife to your backyard for children to enjoy. One of the simplest is by planting flowers that attract butterflies. For instance, butterflies will flock to the flowers of butterfly bush also known as buddleia. Attracting birds is another easy option, and it can be quite educational for kids. Plus you’ll have the added benefit of many of the bird species eating insects and other pests. To entice them into your yard all you’ll need to do is install a bird feeder, house, or bath.




You don’t need to make your kids wait until they go to the local park to enjoy playing in a sandbox. Placing a sandbox in your yard is convenient and fun. It will allow children to develop their sensory skills while they are building, imagining, and enjoying themselves. Plus unlike at the park, you’ll have complete control over what’s actually in the sand. Many sandboxes will come with covers so you can keep critters, rain, and leaves out as well.

By adding one or more of these ideas to your outdoor space, you will be sure to make it a much more functional space for your children and their playmates to enjoy. So be sure to keep them in mind when you’d like to up the fun to the next level.

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