Handrail Enhancements: Awesome Ideas for Your External Staircase in 2024

External Staircase

Having an appealing staircase can become the focal point of your home. As you may not know, staircases are considered a significant element by nature. When people visit your home, your stairway is one of the first pieces they notice. Because of this, the design of staircases has evolved for the past years. Today, they have become an important factor for both homeowners and interior designers when planning their projects.

There are a lot of aspects you need to consider for your stairway project, regardless if it’s construction or renovation. One of the most important are the handrails. Back then, the handrail’s main purpose was to provide safety and security for people using the stairs. It is still until today, however, their design is considered as important as their purpose.

To help you with your staircase, here are some wonderful handrail ideas that will complete your project:

Metal Handrails

Metal Handrails
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If you’re opting for a class and industrial design, metal handrails are perfect. Even with a simple design, metal handrails will definitely stand out. Metal designs are very flexible, which means they will fit a wide range of themes for your home. What’s more, metal handrails are durable.

Stainless Steel

The durability of metal handrails is especially true for those made from stainless steel casting. Check out this post to know more about stainless steel casting on vast-cast.com. As you may already know, stainless steel is a sturdy metal that is highly resistant to corrosion. This means it’s not prone to rust and will last for a really long time.

Another great thing about stainless steel is they are easy to form. If you’re imagining unique and creative patterns for your staircase, then steel is definitely the solution
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Using chrome metal will provide a modern feel for your stairway. The downside to this metal is that it could get challenging to incorporate them with the other elements of the home. However, if you could make it work, they will surely add more appeal and will greatly contribute to the overall cohesive appearance of your home.

Black Handrails

Some people decide to color their metal handrails black. This completely makes sense as black is a very strong color. It’s also eye-catching, which makes it ideal if you want your staircase to be the main character of your home.

Wooden Handrails

Wooden Handrails

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Wooden handrails are ideal if you’re going for a more chic design. The highlight of wood is that you can incorporate it easily with other materials. For instance, if you want glass guardrails, you can pair it up with wooden handrails without compromising the function and appearance.

Wooden handrails are also perfect for both classical and modern designs. It’s all about how you’re going to design your stairway. Most people who go for wood are those who prefer a simple, yet attractive design for their staircase. They are also elegant and you won’t worry about corrosion.

However, the downsides of wood are they won’t last long compared to metal and they are harder to form if you’re thinking about more customization.

Artistic Handrails

Artistic Handrails

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Some people are willing to go through a lot just to make their stairways breathtaking. If you’re among them, then you’d want to have artistic handrails. To achieve this, you need to work with an interior designer.

When doing artistic handrails, many incorporate the three materials: metal, glass, and wood. A common design is using metal for the handrails, glass for the guardrails, and wood for the staircase. You might think that there’s too much going on. However, the contrast between the three is what makes them unique and attractive.

You might also be concerned about the safety of glass guardrails. You don’t have to worry about this as there are so many high-quality glass available today. They are durable and rest assured, they won’t break easily. Also, they are held firmly with stainless steel glass spigots. These elements will make sure that all of your glass guardrails will remain intact and flawless.

When designing your home, always add a touch of your personality. This way, you will always feel “at home” in your house. Since your stairway is the first thing most people see, it should make a good impression. While it’s important to make it safe for everyone in the house, don’t forget to make them attractive too!