A Simple Guide to Cleaning Home Blinds – 2024 Guide

Blinds are some of the most functional home fixtures. They are great at blocking light to keep the home cool and provide necessary privacy. However, they are also known for becoming dirty often. They collect dust, pet hair, and other particles around the house.

Cleaning the blinds often does not come naturally for most people. You can easily find yourself postponing the work more often. To help you, this guide will give you the reasons to clean your blinds and ways to go about it.

Reasons to clean your home blinds regularly

Here are some of the reasons why regularly cleaning home blinds is essential:

1. Improve indoor air quality

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One of the main uses of blinds is to keep dust and other particles outside the house. When clean, the blinds block all forms of air pollutants as some of them get attached to the surface. After some time it would be impossible to keep everything out. The buildup of the contaminants can grow so quickly that it becomes more concentrated indoors than outdoors. You don’t have to face all that contamination if you clean your blinds regularly.

2. Prevent the spread of diseases

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The drapers on the blinds pick up a lot of bacteria when blocking dust and other pollutants. When left to accumulate, you will contract various diseases. To keep safe, ensure regular dusting and cleaning of the blinds.

The other concern is waiting for the blinds to look dirty before cleaning. Most of the microscopic pests and bacteria are not visible to the naked eye. Taking precautions by cleaning the blinds is necessary.

3. Save time and money

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Regular blinds cleaning means sparing time and other cleaning materials all the time. On the surface, this might look costly and unsustainable. However, for a long-term prospect, it all saves you money.

A well-maintained drape is not susceptible to damage. All the window fixtures, panels, and treatments tend to remain intact. This is better than having to replace the whole setup after a long time of neglect.

Regular cleaning also saves time. You only need a few minutes to dust and clear particles on well-maintained window blinds. When left for long, dirt becomes stuck on the surface which requires more time to clean.

Tips to Cleaning Home Blinds

Now that you understand how important cleaning your home blinds is important to your health and décor, it’s time to find how to go about the cleaning. Use these tips to keep your home blinds clean.

1. Consider the blind material.

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The home blinds come in various materials such as wood, aluminum, fabric, and vinyl. The various blind materials require different cleaning equipment and intensity.

For the faux wood, which is the most popular, you only need a vacuum cleaner. Roll the blind down, then vacuum its sides. The dust brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner or a handheld duster is helpful when clearing a dusty blind.

A wood blind near the kitchen can catch both dust and grease. For this, you need a drop of white vinegar on the water to help you out.

Clean fabric blinds using the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. You can also use your hairdryer on a low setting to clear dust from the fabric. For aluminum or vinyl blinds, you can either vacuum or remove each set then wash on a bathtub.

2. Deep clean if necessary

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While most of the blinds are easily cleaned using vacuum cleaners or dusting, you can’t say the same for a case of grease and residue on the blind. For heavily soiled surfaces, use a cloth damped with warm water.

For persistent stains, the only option is deep cleaning. Detach the sets of the blind, then place them in a bathtub full of warm water. Add a cup of baking soda and squirts of dish soap to the water. Remove the blinds after an hour, then rinse with warm water.

Avoid using the deep clean method on wood blinds. It can absorb water which would take a long to dry and start rotting.

Schedule your deep cleaning for once in a while even if the blinds might not seem visibly too dirty. Clearing the possible build-up of dirt on the panels gives long-lasting cleaner results.

3. Clean the blinds regularly

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Cleaning blinds is not one of the most inspiring household chores. However, you might have to push yourself a little bit more often. Cleaning the blinds regularly leads to less dust and dirt build-up hence less work needed per cleaning session.

As mentioned earlier, cleaning regularly also helps to keep the indoor air clean, and is time and money-saving.

4. Let a professional cleaner handle the worker.

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It’s not all the time that you have space or expertise to clean your home blinds. It doesn’t mean you should let them waste away in the dust. Instead, let a professional home cleaner handle the work on your behalf. A professional cleaning company in Singapore lucehome.sg comes with the needed equipment and experts to clean your blinds. Having handled various blinds before, they won’t struggle no matter the blind material or dirt level.

Working with a professional is also time and money-saving. Instead of spending all your time doing the regular cleaning, you let a professional handle it. In the meantime, you can use the time spared to concentrate on other productive activities.

The professionals save you money by understanding what to do. Having dealt with various blinds before, you won’t have to worry about broken fixtures. The company understands the best cleaning material for the longevity of your blinds and the other home fixtures.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your blinds is the best way to assure their durability. When taken care of, the blinds can last for up to a decade. Clean the blinds using the appropriate means depending on material and dirt levels. Also, work with a professional cleaning company from time to time for the cleanest blinds.