How to Start Your Very Own Rural Tourism?

Rural tourism is very much becoming one of the most lucrative business ideas and one that has gained lots of attention lately. Whether it’s the clean air, stunning views, or the chance to relax, rural tourism is very much on the rise. But how do you succeed in an area where there is little to no economic activity?

Rural tourism in rural areas and small towns across the world are gaining a lot of traction. While it is different than most types of tourism, rural tourism can occur in any of the following forms:

  • Agricultural Tourism
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Experience Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Gastro Tourism
  • Sports Tourism
  • Community Tourism
  • Ethno Tourism

Any type of attraction that fits into these types in rural areas and small towns can be considered rural tourism. Because the concept of rural tourism is much more difficult, starting your very own tourism can be aided by the sheer amount of options available for your selection. The main idea of rural tourism is so that it can be successful in any area and no matter how big or small the area is.

How to Start Your Very Own Rural Tourism?

The Perfect Rural Tourism Business Idea

Hotels, motels, and various types of accommodations are the perfect business idea for starting your very own rural tourism. When trying to open a hotel in a small town, the main thing to use to your advantage is the surrounding areas such as sightseeing’s, historical landmarks, mountains, forests, even lakes and rivers to your advantage.

The accommodations that you will be offering must be up to date with modern standards. The rooms must be clean, the bed sheets must be regularly changed, and the bathroom must be looked after at all times by your staff.

Many hotel managers around the world say that tourists criticize the bathroom the most, saying that it must be fully clean at all times. The bathroom also must look nice, as no one wants to stay in a hotel where their bathroom looks old, filthy, and outdated. Read about the top 20 best toilets reviews 2019, to get a better picture.

How to Market and Make Your Rural Tourism Business Popular?

It seems that proper marketing is the key to a successful business. When managing your own hotel in a small town, you must find a way to spread the word across the country and to convince people to come to visit your town or area and stay at your accommodations.

Agricultural Tourism

For this, we suggest you use nature to your advantages. Does your small town have a river nearby? Well, you can use that for your marketing campaign. Does your small town get lots of snow during the winter periods? Well, why not make your hotel the best place to visit for their skiing vacation. Is your small town home to an important historical figure? Why not use that to your advantage in order for people to see it.

Your hotel can be instrumental in keeping old traditions and styles of art alive and passed on to future generations. Since most people resettle from rural areas and decide to live in big cities, your business can be the link that connects both. The most important thing is to do your research on the most iconic and important things your small town has to offer people. You need to think about what’s attracting out-of-towners, what activities are popular with locals and such.