How Can You Make Sure Your Trees Grow Healthily?

It is easy to neglect the trees in your garden and just assume they will grow naturally. In most cases, trees will grow on their own with little intervention – especially if the tree is indigenous. However, that does not mean that you should consider the services of a tree surgeon at least once a year to help you make sure your trees are growing as healthily as they possibly can.

1. Healthy Trees Add Value to Your Property

One of the very first reasons to make sure that your trees are growing healthy is because believe it or not they add value to your house. On the other hand, some trees may reduce the value of your home. This could be because they block sunlight in a certain area of the home, or the roots could grow into infrastructure around your property causing foundation damage and distortion.

It is imperative that you consider hiring a Canopy Tree Arborist if you have never sought advice about the trees in your garden. Most people are usually very surprised at what they learn.

How Can You Make Sure Your Trees Grow Healthily?

2. Help Your Trees Grow Faster

Tree surgeons can prune your trees, so they grow stronger and faster. This is a luxury your trees can benefit from compared to natural growing trees that will have to find their way to survive. Some branches may already be dead or dying. These branches will be taking up the tree’s energy to keep a branch alive that is no longer worth saving.

Removing dead wood, pardon the expression, will help your tree grow faster and add value to your home.

3. Get Help Moving Trees That Will Grow Better in Another Area in the Garden

If you have relatively young trees in the garden that are badly positioned or are going to potentially cause damage to paths or other infrastructure as mentioned in step 1, then moving the tree may be your best option. You will need a tree surgeon to make sure the tree is put under as little stress as possible during the move.

Trees are extremely sensitive and there is no avoiding the fact that moving it will cause some stress. Therefore, unless you know enough about trees, you should hire a tree surgeon.

How Can You Make Sure Your Trees Grow Healthily?

4. Get help when Planting New Trees

It is all very well planning to plant new trees in your garden, but you should not just randomly plant trees in areas you feel they will look good if you do not have experience or the knowledge on how to plant them in such as way that the new trees will add value to your property.

A tree surgeon will be able to help you plant the trees in the best areas of your garden, so they grow faster and stronger. Sometimes you may place trees in one area of the garden while they are young and move them to their planned location at a later date.

Trees are strong and resilient. This leads to the assumption that if you just leave them be or that wherever you plant them, they will thrive. However, this is not always the case.