How to Keep Your Yard Pristine All Year Long

Do you find that your yard goes from bright and beautiful in the summer to a dull, ugly mess in the wintertime? Or do you end up having so many projects to work on in the spring and summer that you barely get to enjoy a few backyard barbecues before the temperature begins to drop? Maintaining an impeccable yard year-round takes work and planning. You have to stay on top of maintenance throughout the year, not just when the weather is nice. It also helps to pick plants that look good in all seasons.

If you prefer to DIY when it comes to landscaping and outdoor projects, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your yard looking pristine all year. If you have a hard time keeping up with yard work, you could hire landscaping services like landscaping cedar park. However you decide to care for your outdoor space, you’ll have to be diligent throughout the year if you want to maintain a gorgeous yard. Here are some things you can do during each season and some general tips to help you stay on top of your yard work and keep your yard looking fantastic.



During the winter months, people typically spend less time in their yards, and you shouldn’t have as much yard work to do if you’ve been keeping up on maintenance. Your lawn won’t grow much, the leaves will have fallen from the trees and you will have (hopefully) raked up the last of them by the end of the fall. So what is there to do during the wintertime? Here are a few tasks to work on during the winter months.

  • Clean up before the first frost. If there are any leaves or debris left over from the fall, make sure to clean it up before it gets too cold and starts to snow. Piles of leaves can attract pests if you leave them lying around for too long.
  • Prune your trees. Before any big winter storms come in, you can prune your trees that have gone dormant for the winter. If you’re not sure how to prune, you might call an expert to do this for you.
  • Pay attention to the weather. You might think that your lawn doesn’t need to be watered at all in the wintertime, but in some cases, it might be necessary. Some areas experience dry winters or are in a drought. If your area doesn’t get much rain in the winter, consider watering your lawn on warmer days.
  • Plan your spring projects. Start planning ahead your spring landscape projects so that you’re ready to get started as soon as the weather starts to change.



Spring is a busy time for gardeners. Early spring is a great time for planting a vegetable or flower garden, and as the weather gets warmer, you can start working on some of the projects you’ve planned. Here are some tips for caring for your yard in the springtime.

  • Dust off your lawnmower. As the weather warms up, your lawn will start growing faster, so it’s time to get out your lawnmower. Dust off the cobwebs and start it up to make sure it’s in good condition and ready for all the mowing your lawn will need during spring and summer.
  • Fertilize, fertilize, and fertilize some more. Spring is a great time to fertilize plants, shrubs, trees, grass…you name it, now’s the time to fertilize. The combination of the damp soil from recent rains and the abundant sunshine is the perfect combo for plant growth. Add some fertilizer, and you’ll have happy, healthy plants for months to come.
  • Work on any projects you want to be done before summer arrives. Now’s the time to get your yard ready for backyard dinner parties and outdoor fun all summer long. So don’t wait on your projects, pick a sunny weekend and get them done. Plant new plants, install that firepit you told yourself you were going to put in all last summer, and powerwash and stain your deck (because let’s be real, it’s been too long). You’ll be happy you did once summer arrives.



In the summer months, you’ll want to take advantage of the warm weather and spend more time outdoors in you’re perfectly-kept yard you’ve been caring for all year. But now’s not the time to let it all go. To have the best yard on the block, you’ve got to keep your lawn freshly mowed and perfectly green and nip in the bud any weeds that pop up. Here are some tasks to stay on top of in the summertime.

  • Don’t forget to water. The warmer, drier months of summer mean that it’s more important than ever to stay on top of watering your plants. One lazy week and you could lose some of your favorite potted pals. All plants are different, so make sure you water just the right amount for each one. Too much or too little water is bad for both plants and lawns. Early morning and evenings are the best times to water. Also, make sure that if you’re using an automatic irrigation system you test it every once and a while to make sure it’s working properly and doesn’t have any broken parts.
  • Add lawnmowing to your schedule. Mowing your lawn is likely going to be a part of your weekly routine during the summertime. Keeping your grass trimmed to perfection will prevent your yard from looking wild and unkempt. You’ll also want to keep your mower blades sharpened for the best results. If you have a hard time keeping up with mowing, hire someone to do it for you.
  • Stay on top of the weeds. Weeds are any gardener’s worst enemy. In the summer, they tend to grow taller and faster. Make sure to get rid of weeds as soon as they pop up.



If you have a lot of trees, you’ll have plenty of clean-up to keep you busy once the leaves start to fall. Prep your yard for winter with the tips below.

  • Prep your lawn for winter. Keep mowing until your lawn’s growth starts to slow down. Fertilize your lawn one last time before the cold starts, and seed any dead or sparse patches.
  • Just keep raking. If you have a yard with a lot of trees, you’ll want to keep up with raking the fallen leaves. Piles of leaves create dark damp environments where pests flourish. Before you put away your garden tools for the winter, do a full clean-up and get rid of any debris to leave your yard pristine for the winter.
  • Put your tools in storage. Clean and repair all of your gardening tools and equipment and store them in a safe place just before winter starts. Any patio furniture or decorations you’ve been using during the summer should also be safely stored so that they don’t get ruined by a winter storm.

Taking care of your yard throughout the year is the key to having an envy-inducing landscape. Use these tips to keep your yard in tip-top shape.