Organic Flower Garden – Why Keep One in 2024

Are organic flowers much more beneficial than other ones? Does it really make that much difference to grow organic flowers in your garden? The answer to both of those questions is positive. Essentially speaking, all organic flowers are those flowers which use pesticides and chemicals to grow them. In turn, all those chemicals that are used to grow these flowers are harmful to the soil they are gown on and generally the environment.

It is particularly bad when flowers are imported from other countries with subpar growing standards. According to experts from, the flower industry is the biggest user of agricultural chemicals in the world. More than 50% of imported flowers come from countries that have lower environmental standards. This has also brought to certain flowers, like roses, for instance, has 50 times more pesticides that are legally allowed.

Why Buy Organic Flowers in the First Place?

So what is the purpose of buying organic flowers and how can this help? First of all, it is a responsible approach to farming and growing flowers and it is also supposed to help with lessening the overall pollution and keeping the environment safe.

Secondly, giving somebody organic flowers also mean that you care about that person and that you want to make sure that they do not get any poisonous substances that most of the flowers have today.

Buying organic flowers also means supporting the community which is looking to help the industry and protecting the environment. You also add to the growing demand for organic flowers and raise awareness for people so a lot more will decide to buy them eventually.

Finally, organic flowers that have been raised in safe and healthy conditions actually last a lot longer than the ones grown with pesticides.

Organic Flower Garden

Organic Farming and Agriculture

Organic farming essentially tends to eliminate the usage of any chemicals that are used for farming crops or herbs. The aim here is to utilize agricultural techniques which are helpful in building the fertility of the soil. It is also essential in protecting the air, water, the wildlife and generally the entire environment.

The essential idea is to produce soil which is rich in nutrients which in turn helps to make healthy and quality crops. It also helps to eliminate topsoil erosion and reduces the usage of chemical-intensive farming procedures.

Tips to Help you Go Organic

If you realize the dangers of pesticides and how harmful the chemicals that the flower industry uses, here are a few tips that you can follow in order to change your old ways and going completely organic:

Start buying only organic flowers for every occasion. If you are going to do this you have to invest yourself and the best way to do so is to go completely organic. Start buying only organically grown flowers for any occasion. It can be as little as an anniversary or buying a gift for someone. But the main purpose should be that you change entirely to using organic flowers for all purposes.

Organic Flower Garden

Start preserving resources and stop buying flowers form shady markets. The best way is to go to fresh-from-the-field. These flowers are the purest and safest ones that you can find. If you start using those, you will ensure that you get only the best and safest flowers that are available on the market.

Finally, invest yourself and start growing your organic flower garden. If you agree with everything written above and if you have realized the potential dangers that come with the flower industry the best solution for you is not to be a part of the problem. Thus you can start growing your organic flower garden using only the safe materials. Do so by getting a guide book and learn all the necessary methods to grow your organic flowers.