What Tools Are Used for Landscaping – 2024 Guide

Landscaping can be very diverse in nature and so a wide variety of tools may and often are needed. According to lawn care blog LawnHabits, one tool which will be needed on the most regular basis is a lawn mower as most landscapes have lawns even though they may be of differing sizes and types. Due to the different types and sizes of lawns though, more than one type of mower may be needed, but I will get back to that later.
Here is a list of the different tools that may be required for landscaping projects

Hand Tools

Short handled tools are tools which although small are essential for some of the more intricate work required for good landscaping and these include:

source: momblogmag.com

Trowel – a trowel is perhaps one of the most commonly used tools as it is needed for planting seeds and saplings as well as removing weeds or other unwanted plants. As a trowel is small, it can be used without doing damage to surrounding roots of plants which are not being removed

Secateurs – these come in two types, and both may be needed. Bypass secateurs have two blades that come together and so provide a clean cut on living plants. Anvil secateurs work with a crushing motion and so will not be damaged when cutting dead plant life which tends to bend and therefore be able to potentially damage the blades of bypass secateurs blades.

Hand Rake – this is essential for clearing the areas between smaller plants as even with careful use of a long handles rake may cause damage to roots or flowers
Long handles tools are ones which are most often used and so when buying them, care should be taken in ensuring they will be comfortable to use

Shovel – this can be used for diverse tasks not just digging.

Rakes – once again there are two types of rake, and both will be needed for landscaping. One rake with short metal tines for use with soil and one with longer, plastic tines for use with leaves

Dutch hoe – this allows for more quick and easy weeding and other tasks

Garden Fork – this will be used to break up soil when needed but is also ideal for working with manure or compost

Lawn shears – no mower can reach between all the plants or cleanly along the edges of lawns and so these will ensure a task is completed properly

Pruners – these will cut branches or twigs up to 1” thick but buying one with extended handles may be advantageous as not all twigs are within easy reach

The above are the main tools which will be used, but extra tools can always come in useful, such as a Japanese gardening knife (or hori-hori).

source: diynetwork.com

Power Tools

At times power tools will also be needed by a landscaper, and these will include lawn mowers, grass trimmer, leaf blower, tiller, lawn aerator, chain saw, hedge trimmer and garden shredder.

Landscape or Border Edgers

Landscape edgers help maintain the boundary of your lawn, garden and walkways. It doesn’t matter how many times a lawn is mowed or how well a garden is cared for, if the edges are not well trimmed or edged, it’ll still look out of place.

Using a landscape edger to trim the edges of the lawn helps put the final touches on all your hard work and helps your home and surrounding landscape stand out from the rest.
There are different types of edgers you can choose from which include manual handheld edgers, electric and gas powered edgers. In case you don’t already have one, this guide on craftsmanprotools contains some of the best options to choose from.

Lawn Mowers

As the sizes of lawn areas vary, a push mower, self-propelled mower, and a tractor mower may all be needed at various times.

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