Organic Technology Yields Better CBD Products

Hemp based products like CBD have become all the rage in the wellness industry and for good reason. According to a growing body of clinical research, these centuries-old natural medicines really work.

There are thousands of acres of hemp now being grown across the country to support consumer needs.


But not all hemp and CBD are created equal. Differences in farming practices, extraction techniques, and blending processes have led to a wide range of products with varying levels of potency and quality. Though standards for the CBD industry are still in the early stages, some companies have already taken steps to ensure that their products meet rigorous production and testing guidelines.

Quality is everything when it comes to natural medicine, and looking for products that follow strict National Organic Program (NOP) certification guidelines is a great first step for finding a hemp extract that meets consumer expectations.  Organic technology from farm to bottle yields better CBD products by preserving fragile plant phytochemicals like cannabinoids and terpenes – two of the primary active ingredients responsible for hemp’s health benefits.

If the product you are taking is a USDA organic certified CBD oil such as those found at, you can rest assured that its provenance can be tracked all the way back to the nutrients that were used to grow the plant from which it was extracted.


Organic technology involves cultivating hemp and producing CBD products in an environmentally friendly and health-conscious manner. In contrast to traditional farming practices, organic farming avoids the use of synthetic inputs such as chemical pesticides and GMOs. Instead, it employs natural alternatives to produce high-quality CBD products derived from hemp.

Sustainability is a key focus of the organic approach to farming. This is achieved by promoting soil fertility and implementing practices like cover cropping, composting, and plant rotation, all of which lead to higher crop yields and better plants overall.

Rather than genetically modified seeds, organic farmers choose seeds that are naturally resistant to diseases and adapted to regional growing conditions, ensuring robust plant growth without genetic modification or chemical treatments.

The result? Healthy hemp plants grown in harmony with nature, offering higher yields of potent cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and other beneficial compounds.

Moreover, minimal usage of non-renewable resources during cultivation makes it an environmentally friendly option too.

But quality organic CBD products don’t just stop at the farm.


To produce CBD the hemp is hand harvested and then sent on to an extraction facility that then extracts and isolates the active compounds from the plant. It is this raw extract that is then used to blend your final CBD oil or skincare product.

Thus, ensuring that the extraction process itself follows high quality organic practices is critical to maintaining potency and medicinal effectiveness.

The development of novel extraction technology in recent years has led to the standardization of extremely high potency organic CBD products.

For example, a single one-milliliter dropper dose of the best full spectrum CBD oil extracted with organic sub-zero sugar cane technology and blended with an organic fractionated carrier oil has more CBD concentrated in it than an entire bottle of CBD oil had just a decade ago. Furthermore, other beneficial compounds like cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG) are able to be extracted in higher concentrations without destroying their chemical properties. This means a better, safer product for consumers that avoids harsh hydrocarbon chemicals like propane and butane used in some traditional extraction methods. And as advancements in organic extraction technologies continue to be discovered and invented, it is likely that these concentrations will continue to increase while also bringing down the cost for consumers.


Go Organic

Organic processes in the hemp industry take a holistic approach that includes both growing and processing plants. It uses extraction techniques that do not involve harsh solvents or other hazardous compounds to ensure the safety and potency of the therapeutic compounds found within the plant material itself. Compared to conventionally grown crops, organically-grown crops have enhanced nutritional content. This means better efficacy when it comes to the medicinal properties associated with certain cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp. For those seeking natural, sustainable benefits from CBD products with maximum potency and efficacy, going organic is the ideal choice.