Using Innovative Packaging to Protect Produce and the Environment

Innovative Packaging

Getting produce off the farm and into the hands of consumers often involves packaging, storage and transport, as well as a race against time to keep product from spoiling. Once purchased, consumers often are up against the clock to eat produce before it spoils. Whether food waste or packaging waste, produce generates a lot of … Read more

Guide to Blueberry Alternative Markets

Blueberry Alternative Markets

With the recent focus on the beneficial health-related properties of blueberries, this berry is in demand. Sales venues aren’t the only methods in which blueberries find their way to consumers; however, some make their way via wholesale distribution to food processors. A few continue their journey — or perhaps divert it — to reach unique, … Read more

Highland Organics: The Journey to an Ever-Expanding Blueberry Crop

Blueberry Crop

Nearly 30 years ago, in 1988, Theresa Gaffney made the fateful decision to become a blueberry farmer. Newly married to Tom Gaffney, she moved to his home and 100 acres in Stockton Springs, Maine. Of note – a whopping 25 of those acres were covered in lowbush native blueberries. – Blueberry Crop That same year she … Read more

Slow-Growing Crops Can’t Escape Effects of Climate Change

Slow-Growing Crops

Pests, pathogens and irrigation are every grower’s challenge. And although these problems aren’t directly caused by climate change, as climate scientists and ag researchers have noted in previous columns, erratic and extreme weather caused by climate change has begun to, and will increasingly, exacerbate agriculture’s typical problems. – Slow-Growing Crops Forecasts suggest pests, pathogens and availability … Read more

Editor’s Note: Georgia on my mind

Georgia on my mind

It’s February and we, in the Growing office, are in midseason form with our travels to several fruit and vegetable conferences across the country. One of our most recent stops in Savannah, Georgia, where last month’s Southeast Fruit and Vegetable Conference was held, brought us great pleasure to speak with many growers from the region’s … Read more