Pentair 460736 Mastertemp 400 And Problems Related To It

The Pentair 460736 MasterTemp 400 has substantiated itself as one of the most amazing pool radiators available. We’ve, as of late, checked on the Hayward H400FDN — 400,000 BTU pool warmer to think about the models.

The Hayward H400FDN pool radiator is generally utilized, yet both are strong units that can rapidly warm your pool. Both are gaseous petrol radiators.

Pentair is first on the list of best pool gear makers as they also own Sta-Custom. Hayward and Pentair are the best two brands, close to Zodiac, which possesses Jandy, Polaris, and others. Similarly, as with most enterprises, a couple of enormous players own most of the brands.

The Pentair MasterTemp 400 Pool Warmer Comes in Three Unique Models:

  •  Pentair 460736:Standard model: Copper heat exchanger.
  • Pentair 460805: Uncompromising (HD): Copper-nickel exchanger confronts the cruellest of utilizations, similar to low pH, high stream or heavy use.
  • Pentair 460775 : MasterTemp: (ASME Guaranteed) Expanded toughness. More safe parts, for example, thicker CU heat exchanger and metal headers.

The Pentair Mastertemp 400 is a warmer used to warm water in pools, just as in spas. Pentair water radiators have gained notoriety for being proficient. Indeed, there are some Pentair Mastertemp 400 normal issues; however, it’s as yet a decent one and enthusiastically suggested.

With their coordination of innovation into their gadgets, Pentair warmers have become significantly more sought after by individuals due to their intuitive and simple utilization.

In any case, very much like any electronic gadget, there are a few issues with the Pentair Mastertemp 400. In this way, here we will see a few issues and their answers.

Normal Issues With Pentair Mastertemp 400


Before I continue any further, we should examine those issues:

1.Heat Exchanger Erosion

2. Perspiring

3. Scaling Waters

4. Bubbling in Hotness Exchanger

5. Low Course of Water

6. Presently, we should discuss those issues exhaustively.

1. Heat Exchanger Erosion


Probably the greatest dread any proprietor of a Mastertemp has is the erosion of the hotness exchanger. This disintegration happens because of an assortment of reasons:

  • Pinhole spills are created on the copper tubes on the inside of the machine.
  • Pools that have saltwater can likewise foster erosion nearby the blade uses. It could prompt spillage.
  • Because of the utilization, alkalinity levels and the low pH levels can dissolve the dividers of the cylinder for quite a while.

How To Fix The Consumption Issue?

To tackle the issue of saltwater pools, you can utilize heat exchangers made from cupro-nickel. Utilizing cupro-nickel permits you to give machine security against saltwater disintegration. To keep up with ideal pH and alkalinity levels, routinely investigate your Mastertemp and make the required updates or changes.

Likewise incorporates changing obsolete copper tubes that sit on the inside of the machine.

2. Perspiring

At times the hotness exchangers spill. Individuals frequently befuddle or term this spillage as perspiring. It is a typical issue that may occur because of the disappointment of the part known as the warm lead representative. Warm Lead representatives are accustomed to moving the cooling fans that can either be on or off.

How To Fix The Perspiring Issue?

Warm Lead representatives quit working essentially because of long stretches of use. They, as a rule, can’t be fixed. Regardless of whether they are fixed somehow, they will inevitably quit working. So the ideal arrangement in such a manner is to secure another warm lead representative.

3. Scaling Waters

Water scaling happens when there is a high part or exceptionally undeniable degree of minerals or calcium expanding on the outer layer of the water. The most ordinary for scaling to water is in warmers, generally found in homes. For Pentair, yet it likewise happens to different brands as well. I have seen individuals battling with the DE pool channels.

When scaling is exceptionally low, it may frequently be gainful. The collection of minerals on the surfaces of the lines goes about as a boundary against erosion.

However, if the scaling is of a significant level, it becomes adverse to the machine. It is because it assumes a part in expanding the power of the erosion rather than giving insurance.

Normally, assuming there is an undeniable degree of water scaling, it prompts helpless ignition. A mix of these two prompts the arrangement of limescale on the inside of the cylinders.

There are sure impacts of scaling, for example:

  • Decrease the effectiveness of the radiator.
  • Valves become defective.
  • The progression of machines becomes obstructed.

How To Fix The Scaling Water Issue?

Change the hotness exchanger and get another one. This is the ideal answer for this issue.

4. Bubbling in Hotness Exchanger

Bubbling in the hotness exchanger may be caused by an assortment of reasons. A portion of these issues and their answers are referenced underneath:

Reason 1: The progression of water to the radiator has decreased.

Arrangement: Adjusting on the siphon or the channel will fix this issue.

Reason 2: Stopping of the exchanger.

Arrangement: Change the science of the water and arrive at a balance. You could likewise take the hotness exchanger for adjusting.

Reason 3: Sidestep Valve has stayed open.

Arrangement: Take the detour valve out for adjusting.

Reason 4: Warm Lead representative has stuck and isn’t opening.

Arrangement: Supplant the warm lead representative with another one.

5. Pool/Spa Water Is Overheating Or Under Heating


The right temperature of water relies upon the client. Something gentle to somebody, maybe excessively hot or excessively cold for another. This confounding of temperature may show harm to the control board or thermistor.

How TO Fix Spa/Pool Water Over/Under Heating?

Procure a 10k ohm resistor. Utilize this resistor to test the thermistor. Assuming the thermistor tests are terrible or broken, supplant them with another one. Assuming the thermistor is in great condition, then, at that point, supplant the circuit board.

6. Low Course of Water


There will be a diminished water stream, assuming you see that the switch that identifies pressure is open. This occurs because of plenty of causes, for example,

  • The outer detour is left open
  • Nonattendance of adequate measure of water
  • Assuming the machine that courses aren’t turned on
  • Harm to the switch which controls the water pressure

How To Fix Low Water Flow Issue?

In the first place, guarantee that the machine that siphons water is turned. Check for stuck articles, for example, worms, soil, buildup traps, and so on. Ensure that the channel of the warmer is also cleaned. Assuming you consider it significant, then, at that point, clean the whole channel framework. It is likewise encouraged to change the whole framework whenever required. Close the outside sidestep if open.

Test the opposition of the strain switch. Whenever harmed, broken, or open, then, at that point, supplant it. Do this test with the water running. If not, it will be hard to confirm. There may likewise be harmful to the attraction’s air spills. Check and free the siphon impeller of any soil stuck inside.

7. Low Voltage Supply to The Control Board


The Mastertemp 400 requires a voltage of 24 VAC. Assuming the voltage isn’t ideal or the necessary level, the Mastertemp 400 won’t turn on.

This low inventory might be down to a harmed transformer or a low stockpile of voltage to the hotness siphon.

  • Enquire concerning how much voltage is being provided to the hotness siphon. The ideal level of the voltage supply is between 208 to 260 volts.
  • The voltage provided to the transformer ought to likewise be in a similar reach. The result of the transformer ought to be between 24 to 28 volts.
  • Change your transformer assuming the stockpile is lower than the reach referenced.


Voltage checks have the potential for a ton of risk. Since the voltages required here are of an exceptionally high reach, they have a more prominent potential for mishaps. If necessary, recruit or call a seller to look at it for you or take guidance on fundamental safeguards or techniques. The Unit is Left with Frosty Buildup on the Outside of the Air LoopThis buildup is typically shaped at the base. For the most part, it occurs on the off chance that the releasing of the progression of air has been impeded or confined.


If the temperature outside is cold and the thawing out highlight isn’t empowered, then, at that point, empower the component. Ensure that the air curl is being sprinkled after cooling.


It is unavoidable for any electrical gadget to bring about harm inevitably. However, this ought not to be a reason for concern. As we have seen, there are some Pentair Mastertemp 400 normal issues that we may likewise confront.

Following this article, you can get answers to some of these issues. Make a point to keep up with the gadget appropriately.