6 Stihl MS 271 Problems And Complaints With Possible Solutions

Chainsaw is an essential tool to cut anything you want as it can be used for any project. If you are new to the use of chainsaws, you must make sure what things are essential to see in your chainsaw and what problems may occur in it after prolonged use or even at the initial stage also.

The Stihl MS 271 is one of the best chainsaws in their category, and they are not limited to any particular use. They are highly versatile and compatible with mostly all types of wood or other components and help you receive the best output. 

Even if you are using it for commercial or residential use, you will always want your chainsaw to work perfectly without any problems and issues, and the MS 271 are pretty good at doing their job.

Sometimes it can be possible that you might encounter a specific problem, that might be pretty general and mainly arises in other chainsaws but you will ensure that the problem should be solved as soon as possible.

The Stihl chainsaws are one of the most trustable brands; you might really admire its features. Still, if you face any kind of problem, you must know specific solutions for that particular problem.

Not every chainsaw is perfect, and every type of machine can face any kind of flaws, and it’s not possible to change again and again and buy a new one as every tool or equipment  would get issues after some time. 

How to Resolve The Problem of Stihl MS 271?

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Buying the perfect chainsaw is not an easy task as each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you must know what all aspects are important for your chainsaw to have.

The Stihl MS 271 has many pros and can help you achieve the same output you were thinking of. Still, it is possible that being a machine, the chainsaw can face the usual problem, and there’s noting to be panic about as if you will be well informed about it in advance; you can easily solve them by yourself. 

Even if you face any normal problems, there is nothing to be worried about as they can be easily solved, and if you feel like there are some major problems that are not resolved, you must contact a technician or replace them.

The further article will help you know about some general issues that arise in Stihl MS 271, along with the troubleshooters that will help you resolve those problems as soon as you experience them.

Problems That You Might Encounter in Stihl MS 271?

It has one of the most efficient engines, but still, there are some concerns with this tool, and all the general problems that people have usually experienced will be listed below:

1. Brake fails:

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The chainsaw has a brake system that is connected to the chain. It is crucial to ensure that your brake system works perfectly without any problem.

A Brake system makes a chainsaw a perfect tool, and if it does not work properly, you might have to face safety issues that should not happen. As it is used for safety mechanisms, how will it provide you with safety when needed if it does not work properly? So you must not neglect this problem and solve them as soon as possible. 

Solution for this problem:

This problem might have arisen because of the spring present in the brake system that usually holds it. The brake will fail to turn if the spring that is present in it stops working, and gradually the brake will fail. If this problem occurs, you must contact an expert to repair the issue and help you use your chainsaw effectively. 

2. The Running of The Chainsaw Is Rough And Not Effective:

The most important function of a chainsaw is to provide smooth functioning, and it must work effectively. If you want to maintain precision and want the best output and for that, your Stihl MS 271 to work smoothly.

This problem usually happens because of the inconsistent fuel flow because of the air that might get stuck in the fuel tank. It is recommended to remove or drain out the oil before storing the chainsaw. 

Solution for this problem:

If your chainsaw cuts roughly, you solve that problem by draining out the fuel, and you must also add oil and add in the correct ratios. This will surely help and ensure smooth working of your saw. 

3. Failure of Chain Tensioning:

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The chainsaw consists of a chain constructed to provide a specific tension to help the saw penetrate through the wood. Saws usually lose their tension after some time. Chain mechanism is important, and you must resolve this problem as soon as possible. 

Solution of this problem:

The powerful MS 271 saw has a self-chain tensioner mechanism; it might be possible that you have to adjust the chain to solve the issue of tensioning manually. It will help you to get the right chain direction of your chainsaw. If you are facing a problem in solving the problem, you can also take help from the experts. 

4. Bad Airflow:

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Engine efficiency is very important, and if there is bad airflow, the engine’s efficiency will also get disrupted. The engine of the chainsaw required good airflow to burn the fuel.

The air filter ensures that the dirt should not enter the engine. The dirty air filter will ultimately ruin the combustion process you will not like. Due to this, there might be a problem with your engine, and it can take a lot of time to start up and emit smoke.

Solution for this problem:

If your air filter is clogged, it is recommended to replace it at the earliest. Relaxing will help you easily solve the problem as anything else might not work for you. It is not expensive to replace the existing filter with the new one as they are very easy to install.

5. Chainsaw is Not Starting:

This problem is one of the most important ones to get resolved, as if this happens, your chainsaw will not work at all.

This problem might have arisen because of the reason that there is no proper power supply to the engine. It can also be said that the switch might be in the wrong position or faulty. It is essential to check if the switch is in the right position or not. 

Solution for this problem:

You must check that there is enough fuel so that your machine can work and have enough power. Another thing which you should do is to ensure that there is a correct ratio of oil and gas. You should keep in mind to check the plugs, and if they are coated with soot or are damaged, they should be replaced as they cannot be repaired. 

6. Difficult to Cut Through Chainsaw:

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There might be some circumstances where your chainsaw is not cutting properly, and mainly the chainsaw uses the chain to cut anything or woods. If the chainsaw engine is working properly and still not cutting the wood, the issue is in the chain.

If your chainsaw is producing a large amount of powder while cutting instead of chips of the wood, it directly means that your chain does not have the potential to penetrate through the wood and cut properly. 

Solution for this problem:

It can help you if you sharpen the chain. If you feel that it is still not working properly, it is recommended to seek professional help so that you can be sure about the future effectiveness and efficiency of your chainsaw.

This is an important problem and must be solved as it is directly related to work efficiency and help you achieve the desired goals. 

You must avoid using the chainsaw on really shaped edges as it affects the saw’s sharpness and affects the longevity or durability of the chainsaw. 

Parting words:

This article will guide you and help you to be prepared in advance if you are thinking of buying a Stihl MS 271 or even if you already have one.

The problems can be easily solved if they are traced in the initial stage; if they are not resolved as soon as possible, there are high chances that you have to replace your chainsaw with the new one as nothing can be done. 

If you face these problems with your chainsaw, you must apply the solutions in practical life and encounter the changes and hope these solutions will be helpful for you.