Praxidyn has introduced Mixmate, a portable agricultural chemical blending system.

Mixmate streamlines or completely automates the mixing process with the bonus of generating automatic records. A system can be configured with a combination of pumps, valves, flowmeters, and scales. The system is controlled with an Android tablet and operators are assisted with a streamlined mixing process and reduced exposure potential.

Records are automated to maximize field time and accuracy and are modular. Users can add new features to a system at any time and electric valves can be added to a manual system to add automation. Multiple scales and flowmeters will work simultaneously to control valves to mix a batch on the fly.

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Products are weighed as they are added to the Mixmate hopper and the actual amounts are recorded. Up to six bulk products can be connected directly to the Mixmate hopper and the system controls the 12-volt pumps used on most mini-bulk tanks. A scale can be used under a larger mixing tank and it will control the valves to meter each product into that tank.

A common configuration would use two 2-inch pumps. One pump is for chemicals and water and one pump is for water only, which makes rinse water always available. Both pumps work together to produce a 3-inch flow rate with economical 2-inch components.

The system is designed to be portable and rugged. The electronics and wiring are sealed and weatherproof. Deutsch connectors and CAN Bus communications are proven in agricultural systems. The electronics are designed to be compatible with many scale indicators and the flowmeter module will connect to a variety of flowmeters. Our KZValves are well-known for durability and reliability.