River Fresh Farms has launched to bring produce customers a year-round supply of high-demand products, sourced from a global family of multi-generational farmers. The grower-shipper company provides sales, marketing, customized supply chain logistics and consolidated shipping for conventional and organic fruits and vegetables.  River Fresh Farms

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With over 25 years of agricultural expertise in the Salinas Valley, CEO Vince Ballesteros founded River Fresh Farms to bring customers year-round consistent availability and single-source supply of high-quality conventional and organic produce. River Fresh Farms enables customers to benefit from best practices in crop management and logistics to speed delivery, reduce shrink and save shipping costs.

“We’re re-thinking the supply chain in the way we do business, since each customer has unique needs,” said Vince. “We’re building a dedicated family of growers across the globe who are passionate about their land and their crops. We’re also providing produce buyers with direct access to these family farms.” 

With the direct link between growers and buyers, River Fresh Farms offers flexibility and responsiveness that only a grower-shipper company can provide. Vince specializes in coordinated logistics, helping produce buyers consolidate orders, leverage volume LTL and FTL shipping to reduce costs and get faster delivery, resulting in reduced shrink.

“The changing marketplace for produce poses unique challenges, with year-round consumer demand, changing trends, environmental regulations and varied climatic conditions. Retail and foodservice customers need consistent, high-quality products that are priced competitively,” said Ballesteros. “That’s why we’re here. We efficiently distribute the freshest products you can find, straight from the source.”