Soil & Mulches – Types of Mulches – Soil Pep

Soil Pep is an excellent soil amendment for both a top dressing and for mixing into the soil when planting seeds, flowers, shrubs or trees.

This mulch is made of composted bark products. Soil Pep does not rob nutrients from the soil, but it does not contain any added nutrients or animal manures, so fertilize your gardens and plants regularly throughout the summer when you incorporate this product into the soil.

As a top dressing, Soil Pep does not contain extra fertilizer, making it a great mulch to help prevent weed seeds from germinating, to help conserve soil moisture, and to to compliment the benefits of of all your gardening activities – plus it smells great!

Soil Pep

Add a layer of soil pep over your garden soil after you plant your vegetables and flowers to give your gardens a special finishing touch. Mix the soil pep in the soil each fall as you prepare your gardens for winter, and then add another fresh layer of soil pep every spring – just before the hot summer weather arrives.

If you prefer a darker color as a top dressing, try Black Forest Compost, which contains many of the same attributes as Soil Pep.