9 Tips on How To Create A Home Décor From Kids’ Drawings

Do you have kids? If so, do they like to draw? Why not take their drawings and turn them into pieces of art for your home décor! It’s really easy to do, and the results can be really amazing. In this article, we will show you how to create beautiful pieces of home décor from your child’s drawings.

1. Garland with pegs – a classic solution

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This is a perfect solution for decorating and showing off your kids’ artwork in their own room. You can hang a string on the wall and add drawings and other artwork to the string with pegs. A great thing about this is that the children themselves can exchange the art by their preference! It will give the child a sense of control over something in their room décor and it is a great feeling!

To make the string cuter looking you can add some beads to it. They can be of natural wood or colored in bright and nice colors. Whatever you wish! Also, don’t stop with hanging just one string – hang a few more! You can cover a whole wall just with strings and kids’ drawings. And when they are over the drawing phase, you can remove the string or leave just one and you will be left with a small number of holes in the wall instead of the whole wall being perforated.

2. The same style frames for a cohesive look

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If you want a more polished look and to achieve some cohesion in the room, you can put all the drawings in frames of the same style. You don’t have to buy them – just DIY! To DIY get some old frames from a garage sale or second-hand shop, sand them down, and paint them in any color you want but keep in mind that to achieve the cohesive look they all need to be in the same color. As a classical solution, we recommend choosing black or white. Since the kids drawing already will be colorful, it is best to not make the frames too variegated. Except if it really goes with your room décor.

You can let the kids choose their favorite drawings to put in the frames or you can choose yourself, or choose together. Since these drawings will go on the wall of a common room in the house, all family members can participate in the choosing process.

However, if the gallery wall is intended for the kid’s room, they can have more freedom over the frames and drawings. For example, you can even add a little bit of decoration to the frames, like glue on some buttons or sequins. That can be another creative project with your child that you can tackle together.

3. Cork wall or cork boards

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This is a perfect solution if you are fine with changing a little bit the look of your room. A cork wall can also be a good idea for a kid’s room. You can hang on the cork wall their artwork as well as, when they grow older, it can be a place where to put reminders, their favorite band posters, etc.

A cork wall is what it sounds like – you put on one of the walls the cork material that is used for corkboards. You can cover the whole wall or just a part of it. It is easy to stick anything on the cork wall as long as you use suitable pins.

If you are not so keen on changing one of the walls to a cork wall, you can also use just big corkboards and add kids’ artwork to them. To make it look more like a home décor piece, we recommend framing the corkboard with a frame that goes well with the other decors in the room.

4. Clipboard gallery wall

Another great way how to show off your kids’ artwork is to put them on clipboards and create a gallery wall. You can buy some cheap clipboards at a dollar store or find them second-hand. To make them match your other home décor you can paint them in a cohesive color or just leave them as they are.

Clipboards as a gallery wall look fantastic when spaced in square shapes, for example, a square or a rectangle. The straight lines create a clean look that the kids’ artwork will perfectly balance.

5. Frame tape

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If you don’t want to put holes in your walls (or if you are renting and are not allowed to do so) you can use frame tape. It is a special kind of washi tape that is made to look like frames. You can buy it in craft stores or online.

To use the frame tape, first, decide on the placement of the artwork and then cut out the piece of paper with the drawing to fit the size of “the frame.” Once you have the right size, put the frame tape around the drawing.

The best part is that when your kids grow out of their drawings or you simply want to change them, you can just take off the tape and put a new piece of artwork in its place.

6. Turn your kid’s art into posters

If you don’t want to put the kids’ drawings on the wall, you can also turn them into custom-made posters. You can create one poster of one drawing or make a combination of drawings in one poster. To make a cute and good-looking poster of different art pieces your child made, you need to find drawings that go well together – that can be a theme, for example, family, or a color scheme, for example, blue.

Putting more than one art piece on a custom-made poster is also a good idea how to save some space on the wall. And let’s be honest, some of the kids’ artwork actually looks very contemporary and high-end! A poster can become an amazing wall décor for your home as well as your office if you are allowed to bring your own artwork. To make the poster even more put together, definitely frame it.

7. Print the best pieces on canvas

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If you want to get really fancy with the kids’ artwork, you can print them on canvas. This is a great idea for one or two pieces that your child made that you absolutely love and want to keep forever. It is also a great gift for grandparents and other close people to your children.

You can find online services that will print the artwork on canvas for you. They usually have various sizes to choose from so you can pick the one that fits your space best.

8. Custom wallpaper with your kid’s drawings

Has your kid created something really beautiful and have you said to yourself: “Wow, that looks like a high-end abstract design!”? Or maybe you just like kid-drawn patterns in general. Anyway, you can make anything you like a custom wallpaper pattern, so why not create one out of your kid’s drawing?

For this, we suggest checking out the printseekers.com custom wallpaper supplier. It is such a cute idea, and the child will definitely love seeing their work on walls and be happy that their art is appreciated by grown-ups. Just make sure your child is mature enough to recognize that it is wallpaper and that drawing on walls is not acceptable (if you don’t allow it, of course!).

9. Creating a coffee table art book with kids’ drawings

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If you are extremely into your kid’s art or your child is particularly talented, you can create a real book where you compile the best pieces. To do that, you need to take good photos or scan the artwork and find a company that makes photo books.

It is also a fun idea to create a theme for the artbooks, for example, “Ann’s animals” or “Joey’s car selection”. The theme can also be their age, for example, “Nadia’s drawings of 2024”. Or you can name the book anything else you like.

Another great idea is to create a big coffee table book of all your kid’s childhood drawings (when they are outgrown the crazy drawing phase) and actually keep it on your coffee table. You can also write a little note from your child next to each artwork to compliment the look. The note can say what the child was drawing there and a little bit of backstory about where it was created and why. It will be such a sweet and nice book to flip through for you and your kid!


There are so many fun and creative ways to display your kids’ artwork! You can go with a classic solution, such as garland with pegs or frames, or you can be more unique and try frame tape or a poster. You can also get really fancy and print the artwork on canvas or create an art book. No matter what you choose, your kids will be sure to love seeing their artwork on display! And you’ll get to enjoy it too! win-win!