Bees In Our Hives: The Importance Of Bees In Our Ecosystem – 2023 Guide

If the world is a big home, humans are only one among the millions of species living under the same roof. We live in harmony with nature and other living creatures, including animals and plants. We are also codependent with them, helping us survive in this humanity-centered world. Bees are among those living creatures that … Read more

The Buzz on Bees 2023

Help native bees pollinate your crops As honeybee colonies continue to sicken and collapse, what can growers do to ensure crops are pollinated? Can other bee species take the place of honeybees? Who is this workers-in-waiting, and what can they do for crops? Other species of bees are not really “in waiting.” They have been … Read more

7 Ways to Attract Bees and other Pollinators to Your Garden – 2023 Guide

Some of us have nightmares of the bee-buzzing sound, while others enjoy hearing it in their garden. Although they are not the most favorited creatures that we have, bees are responsible for many good things happening in our nature. If you’ve ever tasted honey, and you like it, then you probably appreciate bees already. As … Read more

Flowers Can Endanger Bees, Study Finds – 2023 Guide

Flowers can pose a grave danger to bees, a team of researchers that includes a University of California, Riverside entomologist has determined. The study is the first to show that flowers are platforms for a host of pollinator parasites subsequently dispersed onto visiting bees. The finding could affect the national and international trade of flowers … Read more

What Growers Can Do About Dying Bees

What Growers Can Do About Dying Bees

“Neonics are our friends.” Those were the words last fall of the man who built the largest commercial pollination business in the Northwest. He was the keynote speaker at the Pacific Northwest Vegetable Growers Association annual convention in Kennewick, Washington. – Dying Bees In making this statement Eric Olson, immediate past owner (now retired) of Olson’s … Read more