A Buyer’s Intro to Soft Fruits – 2024 Guide

If you have been thinking about getting a fruit tree, your next question is probably what type you should get. Soft fruit trees are some of the most popular variations available for sale in the UK, and with good reason. For one thing, soft fruit trees feature fruits and berries which boast bright, vivid colours. … Read more

Critter Control: Pests in Blueberries – 2024 Guide

A healthy plant possibly means fewer insects Like most anywhere in the USA, fruits, and vegetables are grown in the Danville, Virginia, area, and occasionally, growers will inquire about growth problems to local Extension agent Stuart Sutphin. However, when it comes to blueberries, the silence is deafening. “I know people around here raise blueberries,” he said, … Read more

Blueberry Benefits – 2024 Review

Researching the fruit’s health properties Mary Ann Lila, director of the Plants for Human Health Institute at NCSU, says blueberries contain a variety of phytochemicals that may help people with cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity, to name a few. Mary Ann Lila has never met a blueberry she didn’t like. In fact, if she … Read more

Guide to Blueberry Alternative Markets

Blueberry Alternative Markets

With the recent focus on the beneficial health-related properties of blueberries, this berry is in demand. Sales venues aren’t the only methods in which blueberries find their way to consumers; however, some make their way via wholesale distribution to food processors. A few continue their journey — or perhaps divert it — to reach unique, … Read more