Critter Control: Pests in Blueberries – 2024 Guide

A healthy plant possibly means fewer insects Like most anywhere in the USA, fruits, and vegetables are grown in the Danville, Virginia, area, and occasionally, growers will inquire about growth problems to local Extension agent Stuart Sutphin. However, when it comes to blueberries, the silence is deafening. “I know people around here raise blueberries,” he said, … Read more

Critter Control: Aphids – 2024 Guide

Aphids: Look out for those sucking mouthparts and large numbers of insects In late summer, just-planted produce can look pretty good in the field but don’t be fooled. Small aphids may be just a few plants away. And there usually aren’t just a few. It can be hundreds to thousands, so when you rub your … Read more