7 Best Backpack Sprayers 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

These 7 well-performing backpack sprayers are guaranteed to make spraying your plants a way less tedious and tiring job. Love gardening but find spraying your plants to be a tedious and exhausting task? Well, in that case, you need a great backpack sprayer that will allow you to easily and efficiently spray your precious plants … Read more

Best Water Filter Replacements You Can Find in 2024

Water Filter Replacements

There are dangerous chemicals and pollutants in our water that we regularly drink. According to research from the Environmental Working Group, there are dangerous chemicals in our water that we must avoid if you want a life without diseases. According to that research, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) such as pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals, can … Read more

Using Herbicides Within the Vegetation-Free Strip Method

Using Herbicides Within the Vegetation-Free Strip Method

Tis the season for frost as evident to some in the United States that are experiencing a roar from Ol’ Man Winter. As a grower, having an overall sufficient orchard floor management strategy is key to assuaging such concerns. A vegetation-free strip is one of the tried-and-true ways of providing warmth to the soil as … Read more

What’s Right for Your Farm: Fungicides or Herbicides?

Fungicides or Herbicides

Choosing a pesticide is sometimes the only alternative to fighting off pests, weeds and diseases. With so many new pesticides on the market and science backing what’s better to use, it can make anyone’s head spin. Fungicides or Herbicides Understanding which pesticide to use, whether it be a fungicide or herbicide, can help your farm run … Read more

Mitch Klann Joins SynTelus

SynTelus LLC announced the addition of Mitch Klann as Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. SynTelus, a CSE Life Science Company, is a branded marketing company that registers, manufactures and markets end-use fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. The company offers products for agricultural, turf and ornamental, vegetation management and forestry and aquatics markets Mitch has had … Read more