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Best Water Filter Replacements You Can Find in 2021

David D. Connerby:

There are dangerous chemicals and pollutants in our water that we regularly drink. According to research from the Environmental Working Group, there are dangerous chemicals in …

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Using Herbicides Within the Vegetation-Free Strip Method

Growing Magazineby:

Tis the season for frost as evident to some in the United States that are experiencing a roar from Ol’ Man Winter. As a grower, having …

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What’s Right for Your Farm: Fungicides or Herbicides?

Growing Magazineby:

Choosing a pesticide is sometimes the only alternative to fighting off pests, weeds and diseases. With so many new pesticides on the market and science backing …


Mitch Klann Joins SynTelus

Growing Magazineby:

SynTelus LLC announced the addition of Mitch Klann as Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. SynTelus, a CSE Life Science Company, is a branded marketing company …