Hydroponics: Sustainable Alternative to Grow your Food

Not everyone has the right climate to provide nutrient-rich soil, the perfect amount of sun and warmth, and avoid harsh climates. As technology continues to shape and change the farming industry more sustainable alternatives have become accessible to grow food from any location. One of these sustainable methods includes using hydroponic systems. What is Hydroponics? … Read more

What is Hydroponics – Soilless Growing For Beginners (2023 Guide)

Hydroponics is a way of growing vegetables and plants without the use of soil, typically swap soil as the growing medium for a water-based solution. Hydroponics has been adopted by the agricultural sector primarily because you can get a much higher yield on harvests and potentially more crops per year than if grown in different … Read more

What Is So Good About Hydroponics

What Is So Good About Hydroponics

If you are reading this article chances are you like gardening, and we do as well. It is one of the best hobbies out there, and on top of all, you get to supply yourself with fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the whole year. And let’s not forget an outdoor garden is something that will … Read more

6 Products for Enabling Environmental Control

Enabling Environmental Control

We recently reviewed some indoor growing tools of the trade and how they help control your growing environment. Let’s dive deeper into the field of environmental control. – Enabling Environmental Control   1. Laser (infrared) thermometers   Incorporating a laser thermometer into your toolkit is recommended, as it will provide a multitude of data. It can … Read more

Hydroponics 101: What is Hydroponics?


What is hydroponics? The roots of the word derive from two Greek words, “hydro,” meaning water, and “ponics,” meaning labor. For this column, we will assume that movement and control of the flow of water to and away from the plants is necessary to be considered hydroponics. – Hydroponics Another differentiating factor is that fruits or … Read more