Editor’s Note: Growing Lettuce From Earth to Beyond

Growing Lettuce

I had the honor of attending the International Congress of Controlled Environment Agriculture (ICCEA) in Panama last month. When going to shows, I’m always amazed by the people I meet in the industry. ICCEA was no exception. There were plenty of sessions dedicated to the details of greenhouse and indoor growing; many experts who approached … Read more

4 Steps to Cultivate Indoor Lettuce

4 Steps to Cultivate Indoor Lettuce

Crunchy, crisp, bitter, peppery or sweet, the flavors of lettuce are as wide-ranging as the varieties of lettuce. Lettuce is the conduit that serves up other vegetables and refreshes the palate in between bites. From romaine to butterhead, Boston, Bibb or some combination of several different types, lettuces are the foundation of any salad. With … Read more

How to Control Insects in Lettuce

Insects in Lettuce

The insects that are most destructive to lettuce are thrips, aphids, loopers and leafminers, according to Shimat Joseph, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) advisor in the Entomology Department with the University of California’s Cooperative Extension. Currently, he said springtails seem to give growers a fit compared with lygus bug, the major pest last year. The … Read more

Controlling Weeds in Lettuce

Weeds in Lettuce

Control of weeds in lettuce requires an integrated management system, one not just about the use of herbicides. For California vegetable growers, such a system is one of the keys to their success. “Kerb is the primary herbicide used, but it is a component in the system,” said Steve Fennimore, an Extension weed specialist at … Read more