Fire Blight: Still an Orchard’s Enemy in 2024

Fire blight is near the top of the list of diseases for apples, crabapple, pears, and quince orchards, as it has the potential to cause serious economic loss and can even completely destroy an orchard. Understand its roots The term “fire blight” is derived from the appearance of infected leaves on very susceptible trees, which … Read more

Orchard Management

Orchard Management

The Challenge of Growing Pears for the Fresh Market Dr. Terence Robinson says he’s an apple guy, but he’s determined to help growers overcome the challenges that come with pears. “In 2000, I started work on pears,” said Robinson, an applied fruit crop physiologist at Cornell University. “Pear production was declining in New York state, … Read more

Orchard Management: When is the Perfect Time to Harvest?

Orchard management

As summer morphs into fall, plenty of tree fruit is harvested. In some regions, the last of the peaches, the first apples, and pears and plums all come to fruition now, ripe for harvest. But what is ripe? How do orchardists know when it’s the perfect time to pick? Orchard management Read about: 4 Things to … Read more