Finding a New Orchard Crop – 2024 Guide

Fruit, particularly tree fruit, is a long-term investment. Farmers need to balance looking ahead to what consumer demand will bring five years down the road with what they are growing and need to sell today. Add to that the disease and pest concerns that typically accompany tree fruit production in many climates, and it’s no … Read more

Pay Attention to Apple Tree Nutritional Needs – 2024 Guide

When establishing a new orchard, growers are usually very diligent in identifying all the components needed for rapid tree establishment, including performing soil tests to determine fertilizer needs. Additionally, the results will indicate whether the pH needs to be adjusted with the goal of attaining pH 6.5. Professor Eric Hanson, from the Horticulture Department at … Read more

Fruit Quality Begins in the Orchard – 2024 Guide

When it comes to defining fruit quality, growers might think a bit differently than consumers. “Fruit consumers are concerned with flavor, texture, the balance between sugar and acid, and appearance (shape, color, russet),” said Dr. Jim Schupp, pomologist at Penn State’s Fruit Research & Extension Center. “We’ve seen an increase in consumers who say that … Read more

Tips for Starting an Orchard and Growing Fruit in 2024

Nowadays, when pollution is increasing, growing fruits and vegetables is becoming more and more popular. And that goes for personal needs in order to eat healthy for the needs of your family, and for commercial purposes. There is a great demand for healthy, organic foods. Things that were once available to everyone have become very … Read more

Getting the Orchard Winter-Ready

Getting the Orchard Winter-Ready

Crisp fall air, fresh cider and prime apple picking and pie-making season have all come and gone. The last of the late-season apples have been picked and stored. The killing frost may have arrived, and perhaps the first snowfall, depending on your region. The orchard, as well as the orchardist, are ready for a long … Read more