Nuts You Can Grow in Your Backyard – 2024 Guide


People are going absolutely bonkers for the sheer amount of nutritional value that’s to be found in nuts. They are full of healthy fats, high in protein, and relatively low in carbs. Not only that, they have such mammoth quantities of antioxidants and trace minerals that they’re a worthwhile addition to just about anybody’s diet. … Read more

Organic peanuts are on the rise

Organic peanuts

Southwestern peanut farmers have mastered the art of growing peanuts organically. Of the 11,940 acres certified for organic peanut production in 2005 (the most recent data set from USDA-ERS), 11,936 were located in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. The remaining 4 acres were located in Georgia. New Mexico, with roughly 54 percent of the acreage, … Read more