The Stages Of Weed Growth

The marijuana or weed plant goes through many stages for several weeks before it is ready for harvest. We don’t get to see the process very often around us because it is “weed”! So, if you are wondering how you can grow a marijuana plant on your own, you’ve landed in the right place. This … Read more

Marijuana Growing Techniques: Everyone Should Know!

Legalizing marijuana has made it more readily available to the public. It is excellent news for people who need medical marijuana to help with various illnesses and ailments, but what about growing? Growing marijuana has been a topic of interest for many people, and it’s often the first step to becoming an avid cannabis user. … Read more

7 Benefits of Growing in Coco Coir – 2024 Guide

If you look around the web, you will get to know that many hydroponic and even soil growers prefer coco coir for a variety of reasons. However, you need to keep track of the details if you want to maintain healthy growth. The details are how the medium is prepared and even the general properties. … Read more

Rare Conifers in the World

Conifer is an arboricultural term and a subset of gymnosperms which define that these plants bear cone and have needles or scales, and most conifers are also named as evergreens plants because they do not fall off their scales or needles in any season. Conifers are usually evergreens plants, but all evergreens are not conifers … Read more