Marijuana Growing Techniques: Everyone Should Know!

Legalizing marijuana has made it more readily available to the public. It is excellent news for people who need medical marijuana to help with various illnesses and ailments, but what about growing?

Growing marijuana has been a topic of interest for many people, and it’s often the first step to becoming an avid cannabis user.

There are many ways to grow marijuana, but some techniques work better than others. Some people have a natural knack for growing weed, and they don’t need any help from online tutorials or books. Others may not be so lucky and might require an extra push in the right direction. Some others are least interested in growing the plant themselves and simply order it online at GetBlackRabbit.

It might seem a daunting task to grow your plant from seed or cutting, but with these helpful tips, you’ll be able to start your journey as a weed farmer today. The following blog post will cover a few of the most popular methods experts use across North America today.

What Is Marijuana?

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Marijuana is a cannabis or hemp plant that has been dried and prepared for smoking. Cannabis is the genus of the plant, while marijuana is a type of extract from the plant’s leaves and flowers. In most places, people use it as a recreational drug to get “high.”

The main active chemicals in marijuana are compounds called cannabinoids that trigger changes in brain activity for therapeutic or recreational purposes. The two most prevalent members of this group are THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

To get high from smoking weed, you need to smoke it. You heat the weed in one end of a canister until it can produce enough steam for inhalation at its other end. Continued contact with this hot vapor makes your throat warm and slightly reddens your eyes because THC decreases natural tear formation by eye glands. The feeling gets stronger over about fifteen minutes and will last approximately thirty minutes before slowly coming down on you for several hours.

Techniques Of Growing Marijuana

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Growing marijuana is a difficult task that requires both patience and diligence. The techniques for increasing marijuana are varied and exciting, each with unique characteristics to add to your Marijuana growing experience.

Following are the few techniques of growing Marijuana-

Bending & Securing

The first technique of growing marijuana discusses how to bend and secure parts of the plant. It helps in manipulating their overall growth pattern. Turning and connecting pieces of your plants is one way to grow more buds. To do this technique, you need another person or something heavy to help you bend and secure parts of your plant.

You can conduct this technique during the initial weeks of growth when plants have just four or five branches or nodes which you can use for this purpose:


  • Apply one hand over the stem while securing it tightly against a table using your other hand.
  • Make sure to apply enough pressure to make it easy to remove the top part from underneath without allowing it to break or bend.
  • Use a zip tie with protruding sharp edges to secure the stem by slitting it open on one side, placing the stem inside, and closing it back shut by twisting its ends together with pliers.
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Damaging Or Removing

Damaging or removing parts of your plant is another technique that will help you grow bigger buds. This process is pretty easy; You remove portions of the plant that produce new colas (buds). Now, this sounds like common sense, but too much damage can hurt your yield. A good rule to follow when damaging or removing parts of the plant is to leave about 4-5 nodes before it gets damaged/removed. If you damage any cut below your last node, your plant will start to focus on repairing the damage. It can cause a significant drop in yield!

If you want to maximize your yields without causing too much stress:

  • Try taking off some of the lower leaves closest to the soil.
  • Take off any leaves that are trying to get light, and this will allow more sun and nutrients to go directly towards forming colas (buds).
  • When removing parts of the plant, make sure you do not use scissors or anything sharp because it could break some of your stems and, due to fewer nodes, may put a tiny bit more stress on your baby.

Manipulating Timelines To Get Faster Yields

Growers use timelines manipulating techniques everywhere to either get their plants to start flowering or to slow their plant’s growth down before harvesting, so they can keep their plants shorter. There are numerous ways you can manipulate timelines; Some successful techniques include topping, low-stress training (LST), super cropping (aka extreme bending), defoliation (removing leaves), main-lining, etc. When the plant is young, you want to focus on low-stress training (LST) because it can be done quickly and has little risk of hurting your plants’ growth. The best part about LST is that it will not stress your plants, prolonging their life/yield!

Topping is another way that you can manipulate timelines before harvesting. It’s probably the most common technique growers use to make sure their plants start to flower early enough but still allow for good yields towards the end of their cycle. Many growers top their plants with 3 or 4 nodes in veg (3 or 4 sets of leaves). Topping works because it causes two shoots to grow where there was once only 1, and it also starves the plant of the main cola (top).

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Health Warning

Marijuana use can lead to fatigue, increased heart rate, depression, and worsening certain mental illnesses. Heavy marijuana use causes cognitive dysfunction (e.g., in memory) months after quitting in some people.

There are many health warnings to grow and consuming marijuana; please find the list below:

  1. Legality Issues – It is not always legal in some countries.
  2. Permanent Mental Effects – Long-term smoking harms your memory, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
  3. Toxic Chemicals – Burning has carcinogens that go into the weed and then into your body.
  4. Malnutrition Issues – Plant foods steal nutrients from other foods because of where they grow.
  5. Inflammation Issues – Topical Marijuana can make skin infections worse.
  6. Medicine Issue – Marijuana may also interact poorly with other types of medication you might be taking, including ones for high cholesterol or other heart problems, epilepsy, or migraines.


Marijuana is a versatile plant that people use for many purposes. In this blog post, we covered the various growing marijuana and provided detailed descriptions about each one.

Now that you know how to grow marijuana, maybe it’s time for a bit of introspection. If you’re growing cannabis for personal use, there are many benefits to be had in the form of increased health and happiness. But if you want to make money from your crops or give them away as gifts, then consider consulting with an expert on proper cultivation techniques before embarking down this path.