Flowers Can Endanger Bees, Study Finds – 2024 Guide

Flowers can pose a grave danger to bees, a team of researchers that includes a University of California, Riverside entomologist has determined. The study is the first to show that flowers are platforms for a host of pollinator parasites subsequently dispersed onto visiting bees. The finding could affect the national and international trade of flowers … Read more

Pollinator Health Update

Pollinator Health

For some time, pollinators have been on the decline as well as many honey bee colonies. With the help of government task forces such as the National Pollinator Health Strategy, honey bee health is expected to reverse that trend by 2025. Pollinator Health Read about: Onions: The Most Diverse What is the National Pollinator Health Strategy? To … Read more

Creating A Permanent Habitat For Pollinators

Creating A Permanent Habitat For Pollinators

Making the most of pollination is key. For example, more than $240 million of produce is predicted to come from apple orchards in New York State. Apples are a dependent crop that honey and wild bees are required to pollinate to bear fruit. “The major pollination dependent crops in those regions where growers are renting … Read more