Sweet Potato Weeds

Sweet Potato Weeds

Controlling weeds in sweet potatoes and many crops is so important because they compete for nutrients, sunlight and water that can make sweet potato plants grow, according to Tara Smith, an Extension specialist with Louisiana State University. Also, too many weeds can affect quality and yield negatively. Growers are wise to follow an “integrated approach” … Read more

Potato Power

Potato Power

This month, for our crop focus, we decided to give attention to one of the our planet’s top vegetables: potatoes. Of course, in this issue, we’ll cover the basics of potato production and highlight Pennsylvania potato producer Long Acres Potato Farms. However, I would like to point out the lobbying power. Yes, the National Potato … Read more

Long Acres Potato Farms: How to Have a Future in Potato Production

Potato Farms

The faint of heart should probably avoid the potato business. That’s the frank advice of Bryan Beck, co-owner with his father, Clarence, of the 3,100-acre Long Acres Potato Farms in Tionesta, Pennsylvania. “It is very cyclical and challenging. The fun part is just when you think you have it figured out, they throw you a … Read more

Spud Detail: Potato Growing Strategy

Potato Growing

When most consumers think about potatoes, they immediately think, “Idaho, home of the potato!” There is truth to the state’s catchy slogan – Idaho farmers, on average, plant one-third of a million acres of potatoes every year, according to the Idaho Farm Bureau. Potato Growing Read about: What’s Right for Your Farm: Fungicides or Herbicides? The 320,000 … Read more

Sweet Potato Varieties: Something Old, Something New

Sweet Potato Varieties

New sweet potato varieties will vie in the marketplace with heirloom varieties as producers seek profits in an ever-evolving market. Read about: Exploring the Versatility of Growing Tomatoes A major emphasis in the Louisiana State University AgCenter’s breeding program is improving shape quality. “The produce industry is looking for that cookie cutter shape,” said Don LaBonte, … Read more