Strawberry Plant Diseases and Pests: Prevention and Treatment

In the verdant landscapes of the United Kingdom, where gardening is both a passion and a pastime, the cultivation of strawberries holds a special place. A renowned horticulturist from ChrisBowers, and an expert in fruit plants, sheds light on the fundamental steps to enhance the resilience of strawberry plants against diseases and pests. “The key,” … Read more

Worker Safety: Prevention is Key

Worker Safety: Prevention is Key

Agriculture, as we all know, is a dangerous business. Equipment, manure and grain storage structures, chemical exposure and large animals are only some of the dangers encountered routinely on farms. Add in heat stroke, insect and snake bites, and skin cancer risks from working outdoors, and farming becomes even more hazardous. According to data from … Read more

Blight Disease: Symptoms and Prevention

Blight Disease

It isn’t only the late blight of tomatoes and potatoes, caused by the oomycete Phytophthora infestans, that causes major crop loss each season. Although P. infestans, and the resulting late blight disease it causes, get all of the attention, numerous other Phytophthora species are responsible for blight diseases, too. Not only do Phytophthora organisms affect … Read more