BrightFarms: How This Greenhouse Operation Grows Spinach


Spinach is the quintessential leafy green. It’s often what people think of when they think “healthy.” It is also a highly versatile green that consumers use for salads, dips, garnishes, sandwiches, pasta, casseroles and more. When BrightFarms, a commercial scale greenhouse operation with locations in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Culpepper County, Virginia; and Rochelle, Illinois, launched … Read more

Spinach: The Original Super Food


Spinach was catapulted into the national spotlight in 1929. Thanks to Popeye the Sailor Man, the vegetable has been known to all as the “original superfood.” As his song lyrics proclaimed, “I’m strong to the finish ’cause I eats me spinach,” the cartoon character credited his incredible strength to the spinach he ate. – Spinach Ironically, … Read more