How Custom Stone Retaining Walls are Installed

Retaining walls protect property on a hill and improve its curb appeal. Imagine a slanted lot that not much can be done with and that has water and mud sliding toward the house every time it rains. The homeowner can reclaim their property and get a lot more use out of it by hiring a … Read more

The Benefits of Stone Decking

Composite wood is a mix of wood and plastics usually with wood making up around sixty-percent, and plastics making up the rest. One of the wonderful things about human engineering is that when we want to make something better, in this case, it’s the idea to make something that is more durable than traditional lumber, something that is hardier towards issues of damp, mold, cracks-cuts-and scrapes, sun-bleaching, and sickly children. All the sorts of things that concern real people with real problems, and accidentally they do something which is good for the environment.

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