The Best Pressure Washers Out There

When it comes to essentials that you might need for cleaning anything around your home, pressure washer is the one that does the job. From cleaning oil stains to cleaning regular dirt, mud, and debris the pressure washer is just right. It can be used for numerous causes and what people tend to forget is that it is great if you are working on a farm as well and need your tractor or garden tools swiftly cleaned. Saying this, it is one of the best investments you can make as it will save you both money and time that you would waste on other traditional cleaning methods.

Along with that, the pressure washer is traditionally good for cleaning vehicles and above anything else cars. With the right cleaning solution, this one just seems to work the best, and your car will be shining like it did the first day in a matter of minutes. To add to that, it is great for cleaning bikes and any kind of garden tiers as well.

With the growing popularity of a pressure washer, it might not be easy to choose the right one – that is why we made a top 5 list explaining what should you look for in a pressure washer and what are the best ones out there! Let’s take a look.

Pressure Washers

Key Factors To Look For In A Pressure Washer

1. First and foremost you should decide if you will go for gas or an electric pressure washer. While the electric ones are more quiet and precise, the gas ones have a higher power and are surely sturdier. Depending on your needs and what do you plan to clean with it you should decide between the two. Just be careful – if you for the gas pressure washer don’t forget to be in a ventilated space because of the carbon monoxide, it can release.

2. On the other hand, you can choose between the cold and hot water pressure washers. While cold ones are easier to carry around and find, according to hot ones are better if you are facing serious stains and dirt marks.

3. When it comes to the power capacity if you are aiming to clean a car ask for a pressure washer that has at least 1500 and runs at 2 GPM.

The Top 5 Pressure Washer List

1. Sun Joe SPX3000. This one running at around 2000 PSI and 1.76 GPM is going to be great whatever you are planning to clean. Whether its trucks, buildings, machines or cars this pressure washer has got you covered. It comes with even two detergent sections so you can mix between different ones, and five connect nozzles. Along with that it has a high capacity for cleaning and isn’t that heavy as well being at 31 lbs. One of the biggest cons is the fact that the connector is made from plastic so it can be easy to break, but it is still more than an excellent choice for all your needs!

2. Greenworks GPW1501. This one comes at a somewhat lower PSI – 1500 and a GPM of 1.2 and saying this it is better for lighter. On the other hand, it is pretty affordable and easy to carry around which makes it a great unit for fast cleaning dirt out of any regular surface. The 20 feet hose will help you reach even the thinnest spots, and the only con might be the fact that the hose is kind of stiff. Still a great pick for the money you pay!

3. Karcher K5. This one almost as strong as the first one on our list runs at 200 PSI and 1.4 GPM. It has a high capacity and is electric instead of running on gas which makes it somewhat pricier. Still, it is pretty durable, quiet and has a power of almost 40 garden hoses (which is huge). And the DirtBlaster that it offers will allow you to clean any dirt that appears on a certain surface!

4. Excell EPW1792500. When it comes to the gas pressure washers, this one has to be the strongest one out there. With 2500 PSI and a 2.5 GPM power it has an incredible capacity and is so sturdy that you won’t have to worry about it breaking in any way. It is a bit bulky though and weighing at 77 lbs it might not be as portable as you expect. Other than that it is an excellent gas pressure washer that comes at a good price!

5. Generac 6882 GPW. Last but not least is the Generac gas pressure washer that comes with an ergonomic hose (30 feet) and running at incredible 2900 PSI. Great for cleaning cars, buildings or machines and coming with rotating top it will get even the most hidden dirt spots out of the way. The only problem is that this one is kind of bulky, but all the benefits make up for it!


Taking everything into consideration, it is quite clear that you need a pressure washer whether you live on a farm or have a regular property and need something to swiftly clean your vehicle or machines. Investing in a good piece of this will save you from much trouble that you would usually experience conducting sturdy cleaning of numerous oil and dirt stains!