Tree Care Tips for Summer 2024

During the summer, it is important to take care of your plants for various reasons. You need your trees ready for the long hot season and for the unexpected strong winds and summer storms. This care is especially necessary for young trees to prevent them from getting diseases and have them grow strong. You should inspect your trees during this season to identify any signs of stress or is a good company providing professional tree services at affordable rates. Here are a few tips you can do yourself though.

Inspecting Your Trees

Summer is perhaps the best time to inspect your trees. You can hire a specialist to check any signs of diseases, pest damage, or rotting. Any disease that is identified during this time can be taken care of by approaching other seasons. Most bugs and insects are a nuisance during the spring season, but you can still hire an arborist to ensure that you prevent this problem way in advance before spring. You should also look out for safety like weak branches that might be potentially dangerous around your home.

In line with safety, ensure that you inspect any plants that are near your property like your house or parking shades. You can remove dead limbs to ensure that they do not pose a threat to your property in case of strong winds or heavy rain. These two can occur in summer.

Deep Watering

Deep Watering

You probably have a mixture of both old and young. The old trees can sustain themselves during summer as they already have the capacity to hold water or draw underground water from the soil. It is your young bush that you need to be concerned about within the dry season. You will need to water the bush on a regular basis to ensure strong growth of roots. Failure to water them properly will see weak surface roots sprouting. Proper watering ensures that the soil remains moist at least four to six inches below the surfaces. Enough moisture ensures that the leaves do not wilt and also prevents yellowing and browning at the edges.

Remember, lawn watering is not sufficient enough for the deep watering of your young plants. Lawn watering only has water seeping down the soil a few inches that are insufficient for the trees’ roots. You have to focus on the trees to ensure they get enough water.

Watch Out for Irrigation System

You need to keep checking your irrigation system for any leaks or clogging. Check your drippers to ensure that they are releasing a sufficient amount of water. Also, ensure that they are a little bit further away from the tree as it gets bigger. You should place the dripper at the drip line to allow the feeder roots to get enough moisture for stronger growth.



In line with watering is moisture conservation. During the summer, rainwater will be scarce and evaporation occurs at a faster rate. If you had applied mulch around your trees, you can replenish to ensure that your conserve as much moisture as possible. Apply three to five inches of mulch around your trees. The mulch should be from the base of the trunk and extend to about two feet in radius all around the shrubs.

Soil Care

The health of it is largely determined by the condition of the soil in which it grows. Poor soils are the major cause of most problems among other factors. You have to ensure that your trees are grown in soil that has proper nutrients, proper acidity, and compaction among other necessary requirements. If the soil in which your trees grow in match the conditions of the soil in forests, you can be sure of nice and healthy trees. Ensure that you apply the right fertilizer and manure and also aerate the soil.

Watch Out for the Herbicides You Use

Much as you want to kill those herbs and weeds around your garden, be very careful which of these herbicides you use. Some of them are more harmful than they are to the weeds. Ensure that you follow the labeled instructions to the letter to protect your plants from any damage.