USC®, LLC of Sabetha, Kansas has announced the launch of their new fully automated U-Command Rx system, designed to control and vary chemical application rates at seed treating facilities.  With U- Command Rx, seed retailers can offer their customers improved, custom- blended prescriptions for precision seed treatment adjusted for local conditions such as soil type and insect/disease issues.

USC’s U-Command Rx gives the seed retailer the freedom and flexibility to customize and create prescription blended seed treating solutions quickly and easily. The U-Command Rx system is designed to reduce chemical waste and boost efficiency by utilizing a static mixer, delaying the mixing process until chemical is ready to enter the atomizer chamber.

The U-Command Rx has the ability to handle 184,000 different chemical application options, utilizing up to 12 pump stands.  The system consists of an integrated single PLC control panel which is powered by USC’s U-Treat software and can be controlled wirelessly via a tablet included with each system.  The automated system connects pump stands to the seed treater through simple-to-use touch screen controls. One operator using a tablet can manage his entire treating system from anywhere in the plant, saving time and money. Hardware and software have been simplified.  The results are quicker response times and faster programming for easy setup and operation. It places complete control in the hands of the seed retailer.  The freedom to choose, change and initiate variable custom applications is at your fingertips.

Control of the U-Command Rx system can also be accessed from the stationary main control panel that is connected to all pump stands, seed treater, and facility seed handling equipment.  The system’s single touch screen automation is upgradable, scalable, configurable and flexible.  It works with both automated and manual chemical delivery systems.