Why You Should Grow Vegetables For Your Assisted Living Facility

Being a head officer of an assisted living facility or working in one isn’t an easy job but it is something to admire. Taking care about older or people in need is something we should all have in mind, and assisted living facilities are of huge help. And one of the hardest tasks is to keep the residents satisfied and entertained.

Food is, of course, a major factor in the assisted living facility (as it is everywhere), thus providing various and healthy meal plans is important. Yet, it seems like most assisted living facilities have menus that are consisted of the same bland food over and over again. This isn’t healthy or satisfying so that is why one should invest extra effort when figuring out an assisted living facility menu. Let’s take a look at what makes a good assisted living menu, and what to do to provide the same!

How Should A Good Assisted Living Facility Diet Plan Look Like

First of all, one of the most important things for your assisted living menu is that it is seasonal. People will like the fact that they get to eat the in-season food as well as enjoy holiday food from time to time. And this includes a lot of vegetables – so that is the main reason why you should think about having a garden with various vegetables in the assisted facility area. Along with that, what some forget is that your menu has to be flexible and that for a few reasons! There are people with different dietary regimes, needs and even certain conditions (gluten intolerance) that you need to take care about. Thus, providing various flexible meals and diet place is the key to having a good assisted living menu.

Of course, the food you prepare should be tasty and enjoyable. There is no point in putting food on the table that no one will be satisfied with – unless you want your facility to get bad feedback. It’s for the enjoyment of both sides! And of course, all the meals should be nutrient-packed and healthy! Here, once again you can see why it is important to have your garden in the assisted facility area. Providing different vegetables in meals is fun, healthy and convenient!

Grow Vegetables For Your Assisted Living Facility
source: greatseniorliving.com

How To Figure Out An Assisted Living Menu

Now, someone might think that figuring out a menu isn’t that simple, but it actually is – with the willpower and some research on who is the resident in your facility you will not have a hard time! What you should focus on is providing different menus for different diet regimes. This saying you should have special menus for people suffering from gluten intolerance (celiac), people with diabetes, low-fat diet, high-calorie diet, no-sodium, cardiac as well as renal diets! These are all the factors that you have to take in consideration when providing and making a facility menu!

Luckily, there are certain software and platforms like Grove Menus that can be of great aid to you and your team. It offers menu suggestions and various recipes that are healthy, fun and easy to make. The menus are done by a team of health experts, so you are learning from a source of reliable information. And it is pretty easy to use – as well as mobile-friendly. Check it out, as if nothing else it will give you some new ideas and modern approaches on the assisted living menu.


We all appreciate the work that you do in an assisted living facility, as it is something necessary and all that effort is to admire. Improving food quality through better menus is just another improvement idea that will better your assisted living facility and make all the residents happier!