The Year-Round Lawn Care Plan: Seasonal Tips for a Healthy, Green Lawn

Having a healthy, green lawn is something everyone wants. But some of the steps needed to get and keep it may not be known to many people. It takes regular seasonal care that requires attention from early spring through late autumn — a year-round lawn care plan.

From overseeding your lawn in the fall to fertilizer applications in the spring and correcting soil pH levels in the summer, here are some essential tips for maintaining a lush, well-groomed landscape all year long. A quality Augusta lawn care service can help with any or all of these tasks so you can create an outdoor oasis that will stand out from your neighbors’ yards.

Spring Maintenance: Fertilization and Aeration


Your first step towards achieving a green lawn should be fertilizing with an organic fertilizer blend that contains nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and other minerals and nutrients like iron or sulfur. This helps slow-release food over an extended period of time so your grass has enough nourishment until its next application. Applying organic fertilizer is also better for the environment than chemical fertilizers because it’s derived from natural sources like plant matter, animal waste, compost, or manure.

Aerating is recommended twice a year but especially in the spring when compaction has been aggravated by winter snowfall traffic on the surface of your lawn. This helps improve air circulation and penetration of water and nutrients into the soil which makes it easier for roots to expand and grow. Overseeding at this time can also help ensure your greenhouse remains healthy throughout the entire season as it rejuvenates weak areas in addition to adding more favorable species into existing turfgrass stands.

Summer Care: Weed Control & Mowing Height Adjustment


During summer months weeds will start appearing on your grass as temperatures rise – making weed control an important part of keeping healthy lawn care. An effective way to get rid of them before they become unmanageable is by using preemergent weed killers applied regularly throughout hot season months like July or August through September (or later if temperatures remain warm). But keep in mind that not all preemergent products are safe for pets or children so check product labels very carefully if you have either in your home before purchasing any treatments!

When mowing during summertime adjust the blade height to its highest level -– usually around three inches –- because longer blades provide shade which helps protect roots while promoting deeper root growth resulting in fewer weeds and healthier overall plants. Plus cutting grass too short damages blades leaving them vulnerable to diseases such as fungal infections caused by humidity-related conditions during these months.

Fall Tasks And Winter Preparations


Once temperatures start dropping in early October it’s time for overseeding again (as mentioned earlier) which means introducing new species of grass seed into existing turfgrass stands thus giving you a thicker and greener-looking landscape come springtime; however, keep the watering schedule consistent throughout fall season otherwise seeds won’t germinate correctly due to lack moisture!

In addition, adding soil amendments at this time like peat moss can help improve drainage problems associated with heavy clay soils during wetter parts in November leading up to (and throughout) wintertime periods when frost accumulates around upper layers causing dehydration stress on plants.

Finally, winterize equipment such as mowers blades sharpeners/dethatchers, etc turn off tanks fuel shutoff valves open air filters to prevent any potential issues starting up engines once the temperature warms again come March/April next year!


By following this comprehensive year-round plan for lawn care, you’ll have everything necessary for optimal health come an ensuing spring renewal period after winter’s dormancy sets in mid-December our green backyards will be ready to greet us each morning with sights sounds smells nature always offers us – full circle cycle continues anew!