Orchard Floor Care: Weed Control

Orchard Floor Care

Often, commercial tree fruit growers manage the orchard floor with herbicide strips in the tree row, and grass or dirt strips between rows. While herbicides can bear a weed management technique, there are other options for controlling in-row orchard weeds. Orchard Floor Care Read about:  5 Tips to Becoming a Successful First-Time Farmer Controlling unwanted orchard vegetation, … Read more

Weedy Green

Baby, it’s cold outside! Even St. Nick is shivering. He’s also probably stirring about getting ready for the big night in late December. Do you know who else is moving? It’s greenhouse growers who are thinking about a winter crop or another year of greenhouse-grown produce. They’re probably also planning how they will control weeds … Read more

Weed Warrior: Weeds Go Away

Practice prevention versus procrastination When controlling weeds in fruit and vegetable crops, maybe there’s some truth to the old adage: “An ounce of prevention causes a lot less pain.” “The best way to control weeds in a garden is to just not let them get started,” said Stuart Sutphin, an Extension agent in Danville, Virginia. … Read more