5 Things You Can Do With Old Bottles And Jars – 2023 Guide

DIY projects are always a good idea, especially when turning waste products into something new and useful. In this article, we’ll show you 5 things you can do with old bottles and jars. This way, you can do something nice, creative – and good for the environment.

Creative Ideas: Use The Things Around You

We all sometimes get in the mood when we want to change something in our home. We want to do something different, to refresh the interior – or to enrich our space with some details. What worries us the most – is money. You may not be able to buy a new chandelier, lamp, or candlestick right now – but that’s why you can be creative. The best part is – it doesn’t have to cost much. Combine your ideas, creativity, and a little skill – and create interesting details for your house. You don’t know how? Simply look around. Every household is full of bottles and jars that we no longer use – but only make a mess in the pantry or garage. Why not try making something completely new – out of old bottles and jars? Believe us – it is not difficult at all, and it will make your space unique and unusual.

Bottles And Jars As Decoration

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With a little creativity and time, plastic bottles can be used for several purposes – and with just a few strokes you can make various decorations and items for your household. Instead of trash cans, where they usually end up, bottles can extend life in a variety of ways. Approximately 100 million bottles are thrown away every day, and it takes them 1,000 years to decompose. Recycling is not the only way to help preserve the environment. On the contrary, with a little creativity, you can make great details for your home. The situation is similar with jars. There are so many glass jars in your pantry, and you don’t know what to do with them. No problem – a little imagination and creativity will help you create original details for your home from these unnecessary things. This way, not only will you recycle, but you will have unique details for your home.

5 Things You Can Do With Old Bottles And Jars

Before you start doing anything, the bottles and jars must be well washed. Also, it is very important to remove all labels or stickers from them – so that you can easily paint, decorate, or do decoupage. The truth is, removing stickers can sometimes be a tedious job, especially if they are fixed with strong glue. When we find ourselves in this situation, we can try to remove them with soap, alcohol – or by using a scraper. If that doesn’t help either, seek advice from those who know how to do it. You can see the full answer to this question on specialized websites that can help you with that. In any case, this is very important as preparation before you start your creative work. Now you can start making unique things. Just let your imagination go. Here are 5 things you can do with old bottles and jars.

1. Make decorative vases with sequins

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Add “new ingredients” to your jar – that you previously washed, dried, and removed the stickers from it. You can spray it with colored spray first – and then add glitter powder and make it more glamorous. This small vase is very suitable for flowers with short handles – and is a very beautiful and original item in every home. You can let your imagination free – and paint them. That way, you can give a personal stamp to the new decoration on your shelf.

2. Pencil case for children made of plastic bottles

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If you want to surprise your children and make them happy – try it with a handmade pencil case. You can do this easily by using two plastic bottles. You need to cut them and use the bottoms and a zipper. Use the bottoms of the bottle that you have previously cut off  – and then, connect them by using a zipper that you can glue or saw. While making a pencil case, you need to be careful and precise – so that you do not put too much. You don’t want the glue to leak out – and soils one of your future pencil cases with it.

3. Decorative pots out of bottles

In just a few minutes, with a little inspiration – you can make the perfect household pot, which can easily become an unavoidable detail of your rooms. The pot bottle can be used in various ways. One of them is to just cut it and use its lower part – which you can line with decorative paper or some clothing item. Another way is to turn the bottle upside down, for which you need a stand – and to cut off the lower part of the bottle. You can make a stand from an old CD that is no longer useful to you – and with a little glue, stick the neck of the bottle to the CD, and decorate your item as desired.

4. Pencil cup

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Pencil cups can also be easily made. The principle of making a pencil cup is the same as when making pots – just cut the bottle and use its lower part. After that, the lower part of the bottle can be decorated in various ways – with decorative paper, crayons, varnish, or glittering powder. You can make an item like this even easier – from a smaller glass jar that you will draw and decorate according to your wishes.

5. Stools

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You can take care of more seats in your home without exploiting your household budget too much. Simply take plastic bottles and arrange them in a cube, circle, or semicircle. Attach them, and then line them with the canvas you want. These stools with their comfort will not be a competition for furniture companies – but they will serve a purpose.

The Bottom Line

It’s all a matter of imagination and a little willpower. With a little creativity, your home can get new warmth as well as redesign at minimal cost!