Flail Mower Guide

Whether keeping grass trim in the orchard or grove middles or tidying up along the roadside, a flail mower is the machine for the job. – Flail Mower

These units are meant to be rugged. A flail mower has to be able to handle the twigs and small branches that fall from trees in the normal course of the season. It has to be able to flush through the bottles and cans tossed by the roadside without plugging.

If you are shopping for a flail mower, ping each of the companies below.

Flail Mower

Caroni TL Series

The TL series is a flail mower that combines toughness with simplicity. This flail mower is available in three variations: the TL1200, TL1500 and TL 0900. This mower will cut any grass in any condition, and it will cut the grass in three ways. Three separate rotors will be compatible with this series. The type A is an all-around good, normal cutter. Type F gives the grass very accurate and closer cuts, thanks to twice the amount of blades as the type A yields. The third type, Type P, is a variation designed to give the grass in public areas a superb finish. This flail mower works best behind a 20- to 40-hp tractor.

Flail Mower


The Ryetec Triflex Gang Flail Mower is a cost-effective flail mower that will get the job done. This mower will stand its ground when put up against cylinder and rotary mowers. The Triflex Gang mower has the ability to cut grass wet or dry and at nearly any height. This series can cut in 4.2- or 5-meter widths. The mower includes a standard wide-angle PTO connection with a tractor to allow clean, even mowing when the ends of rows require making quick, tight turns. The tractor will need to be paired with a 70 to 80 hp tractor.


The Hiniker 5710 Flail Mower is a heavy, get-the-job-done flail mower. This series comes in at 1,580 pounds with tires attached. Thirty-two knives are included to cut 6-foot swaths of grass at one run. This flail mower will cut through tough grass, weeds and residue from crops like it is nothing. Included with this flail mower is a standard, constant velocity PTO-drive shaft and overrunning driveline clutches to protect all driveline components from wear and tear when the mower is turned on or shut down for the day.


The Elho Arrow 3200 and Arrow 3700 mowers’conditioning rotors have straight pendulum flails with rounded edges and a springloaded counter bar. Lowprofile oval discs and optimally designed stone guards ensure a tidy and clean mowing trail. Both models come standard with ELHO’s HydroBalance suspension system, which lightens the cutter bar straight above the cutting bar. Adjusting the HydroBalance suspension is simple — just use the knob next to the pressure gauge to adjust as desired. Among other standard features are wide, load-bearing tires and a profile that makes for quick turns on row ends.

Land Pride

The Land Pride FM41 series flail mowers are manufactured with cast and machined hammers suited to chopping up prunings up to 2 inches thick. This is especially important in groves and orchards where small branches often hide in taller grass. The machine is gentle enough on the grass to groom it acceptably. Unit is designed to operate behind a 35- to 80-hp tractor.

John Deere

The John Deere 370 flail mower is a heavy-duty beast of a flail mower. The 370 comes with 66 heat-treated knives built to last even under tough conditions. These knives will provide nearly 6 feet of cutting width. This 904-pound beast includes heavy-duty gear cases and durable construction. The 370 flail will require a 35- to 70-hp tractor to pull it and rotates 1,850 times a minute.

Flail Mower

Servis Rhino

The Rhino RSM series flail mowers have a mowing width starting at 61 inches up to 73 inches for maximum coverage. The fine-cut grass blades that are available for use with this series can reach up to 2,150 rpm. With this many rotations and a large cutting width, the jobs might seem to be finished quicker than usual. It’s designed to be towed behind a 25- to 35-hp tractor with a 540- PTO.


The Ferri T430D is a self-contained three-point hitch mounted boom mower. The unit will work with almost any tractor in the equipment shed and is sized to operate behind 20- to 110-hp tractors. It has a reach of 8 feet, 10 inches to 20 feet, 6 inches. The T430D’s flail head has a cutting width of 39 inches, and its boom has a horizontal reach of 14 feet, 2 inches. This Italian firm also has slope mowers that are designed for use with 18- to 160-hp tractors and are comfortable on sloping orchards or similar side-hill situations.