Kubota L3901 Problems And Troubleshoots

Kubota tractors are one of the best in the market. They are robust and sturdy. They have high maneuverability. The Kubota tractors have their own brand name and are known for their durability, longevity, and working and performance. When you are thinking of buying a tractor for yourself, you look for many things. Still, ultimately … Read more

Choosing the Right Equipment – 2024 Guide

Bigger isn’t necessarily better for small-scale farms A tractor is often the first piece of larger equipment purchased on any farm, no matter the size or growing practices. Select a tractor-sized to your needs and outfit it with implements that work with your crops and methods. Whether adapting old equipment, building a new tool out … Read more



While development continues to gobble up much of Arizona’s farmland, one segment of agriculture is expanding. Six commercial farming operations exist on American Indian land in the state, and a continual focus is on efficient use of the West’s most precious resource: water. Fort McDowell Farm is located east of the McDowell Mountains just outside … Read more

Flail Mower Guide

Flail Mower

Whether keeping grass trim in the orchard or grove middles or tidying up along the roadside, a flail mower is the machine for the job. – Flail Mower These units are meant to be rugged. A flail mower has to be able to handle the twigs and small branches that fall from trees in the normal … Read more