Best Firewood to Burn Chart – Guide 2024

Buying the best wood for certain burning conditions and options is not easy to do, and there are quite a number of types of woods available in the market that can help you achieve what you’re thinking of by using that particular wood. You must know what kind of wood will work best for you.

The wood that will burn poorly and emit a lot of smoke will not be good for you and the environment. You must find the wood that burns smoothly and does not produce a lot of smoke, and at the same time should not release any kind of odor. It is not hard to choose the most appropriate type of wood for yourself; it is just that you must be well informed about some specific details about that particular wood.

Some of the wood creates pops and sparks, and some release odor. Each and every kind of wood has its specifications and characteristics that make them distinct from others. You must also choose that kind of wood only that does not cause harm in any way, like rotten firewood usually irritates the lungs. It can also give rise to some dangerous soot in your chimney, which you will not like.

You might not be familiar with all the types and the pros and cons of each of them. Usually, two categories make up wood which is softwood and hardwood. Hardwood is good for the time when the fire is in full force and pretty hot. Hardwood is basically denser than softwood. They are usually used to start the fire as they catch fire easily and help build a good fire.

The further article will help you know about some of the best woods that can be used for burning and will work perfectly for you. Buying the most effective wood at reasonable prices would be your main concern. The information mentioned below will help you know how distinct the wood category is and how you can choose from a lot of variety.

Type of Firewood Heat per cord Amount of smoke Pop and spark Splitting ease
Red Oak about 25 low Very little Quite easy
Black Locust 29 Low Very less medium
White oak 26 Less Few easy
hickory 28.6 Low medium easy
mulberry 25.9 medium medium medium
Hard maple 24 medium Few easy
Ash 20 low few easy

Some of the firewoods mentioned are some of the best that are out there. All these types of woods will help you a lot in making the most suitable decisions for yourself.

Best Burning Woods

Further you will get to know about the woods that are mentioned above in detail. This will help you to get a gist about the particular woods and also help you to make a most fruitful decision for yourself.


Both red and white oak comes in the category of best-burning wood as the oak, in general, is a hardwood which basically helps to hold fire for a long time and with other benefits also like it helps to have a good fire for a long period of time and coals very well. It is a dense hardwood that makes it a great wood for burning; it can give you the best heat and does not release odor or heavy smoke.

White oak is usually known for splitting easily when well seasoned. It emits less smoke; if you are thinking of the sparks and pops, you must not worry about it a lot as there are very few times it can happen. The oak is one of the best options you can for as it burns at a slower rate than the other ones.


Black locust:

Black locust wood is known for providing a low smoke output which is not common in moist woods. The smooth and clean burn is one of the key features of this wood’s effectiveness.

This wood has a lot of benefits which makes it pretty commendable than the other woods as one of the includes is that it burns the hottest among most of the woods. It is recommended to be used at your home fireplace even for the chilly winters also as they will help you to give amazing warmth to your home.

Other benefits include that if spits fewer pops and sparks, which is an important factor to be considered as this makes sure that there are very few chances of any fire accidents. It also emits very little smoke, which is a really good point to be noted about the black locust.
In all, it is a really good kind of hardwood which you can go for.



Hickory has many notable characteristics, making it one of the best wood for burning. It gives good heating output, and also it emits less smoke and is high-quality coal that units less smoke and emits less odor, making it perfect for your home use. As it emits less smoke, it can be easily used if you have children in your home as the more smoke denoting words will not be good for you. The strongest of hickory makes it different from others.

It is like the black locust but with some different characteristics. It burns scorchingly and still gives minimal smoke output. It can be the most favorable wood for your home or any kind of work as it is robust and ensures very little smoke that can keep your home chimney good and helps save the environment in both ways. One of the things which should be kept in mind is that it is not gold for temperamental use.



Mulberry is known for giving a good smell, and also it is highly appropriate for burning requirements. Their only issue with mulberry is it sparks a lot which makes them a little bit below in the category of good, but the smell of it, nothing can beat it. Even though it has the disadvantage of a spark, it is good for heating and gives the best smells.

Mulberry is not one of the best woods you must go for, but due to its amazing smell and coaling quality, it has a secure place in this chart. If the good smell of your wood is one of your concerns, you must consider buying this wood for yourself. If spark concern is not bothering you, you can go for mulberry woods.


Hard Maple:

Hard maple comes in the category of good firewood as it produces good heat, which is one of the main reasons you buy wood. It is slightly less dense than the other woods, but still, it is very favorable for burning. One of the pros that maple consists of is that they emit an amazing aroma, and if you are buying for your home chimneys, you can definitely consider it as it will spread a great smell in your house.

Some of the characteristics of maple wood is that it burns very well and is clean. It splits very well and has low density. If you are thinking of buying firewood that does not emit a smell and burns well, you can consider buying this for your use.



Ashwoods are considered the best firewoods, and there are several reasons for that as these woods are clear burning woods. It gives good heat, which can be suitable for chilly winters also. In the category of aroma and fragrance, it provides a moderate amount of smell which is okay as if you want less fragrance, you can go for this wood.

Ashwoods can be easily split, even if the moisture content is low, which is a pretty good advantage, making it one of the best firewood. The ash wood burns clean and emits with a very little spark. In all, the ash wood has certain features that make it a good firewood. It is a recommendation to consider this wood as it has many pros.



Till now, you must know how there are so many types of woods, and all of them have their respective characteristics. It is not a hard task to choose the most appropriate wood for your use; it is just that you must know what your preference is.

If you want the wood to do less emission of smoke, then you must take the wood that emits the least smoke, but if you want your wood to emit a good aroma or fragrance, you must go for the maple or mulberry as they are known for spreading soothing aroma.