Kubota L3901 Problems And Troubleshoots

Kubota tractors are one of the best in the market. They are robust and sturdy. They have high maneuverability. The Kubota tractors have their own brand name and are known for their durability, longevity, and working and performance. When you are thinking of buying a tractor for yourself, you look for many things. Still, ultimately the decision is made according to your preferences and what qualities will justify your need. 

The Kubota tractors come with the SSQA system, which provides good workability and gives strength to the tractor to fulfill the tasks effectively and efficiently. Not only in the technological aspects, but the Kubota tractors also come in amazing designs and outlooks, making them different from other tractors. The tractor cabs of Kubota come with both heating and cooling. Their cabs are one of the most remarkable features that make them stand out from other brands.

Why Do the Problems Arise in Kubota L3901?

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Many consumers mainly use the Kubota L3901 tractors as they can mostly satisfy their needs and requirements. Even though it comes with amazing features and specifications, it still has many issues and problems that might affect the performance of your tractor. You will always want them to solve those problems so that you can easily do your activities without any interruptions and trouble. Every machine can face any kind of problem as nothing can be perfect. 

Buying any tractor is not an easy task, and every tractor has its own advantages and disadvantages. There will not be a single thing with all the pros; there will always be some problems and cons. Even though they are known for many things, they still have some flaws, and while you are operating them, there would be some problems that you might face because of certain conditions. There might be some things that can reduce the working capacity of your tractor and make sure that your tractor works effectively. 

How To Get Rid of the Problems?

This article will help you out to know what problems you might face while using Kubota L3901 and how you can resolve them efficiently. When you buy something, you always want it to work with its best potential. And for that, you must make sure that you resolve your existing tractor’s problems so that you can do your work perfectly. 

If your tractor does not work to its full potential, then there might be high chances that the work you are doing will not be satisfactory, and you will feel like buying this tractor was not a good decision. You can efficiently resolve these issues if you have some information about them, and in further articles, you will get to know about the problems and their solutions.

Problems That Might Arise in Kubota L3901

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The problems listed below are some of the most common ones that are pretty visible or can be easily traced in the initial use of the tractor, or maybe these issues will get highlighted after quite a while and along with the troubleshooters.

Shuts down suddenly or have starting issues:

This is a basic problem with Kubota tractors, and if your tractor shuts down frequently, it will be highly problematic for you. When you invest in something, you will always want it to work perfectly and help you get the best output. This kind of problem usually arises because of air filters or fuel pumps. The most common scenario for this problem is fuel starvation. If there is no proper supply of fuel, then it is pretty evident that your tractor will not work correctly. 

Fuel is the blood of a machine, and you must take care of keeping a check on the fuel requirements of your tractor so that you don’t have to face any trouble and do your work with efficiency and with effective results. 

Troubleshooting for this problem:

Firstly, you must check your fuel pumps and ensure that they are working correctly or not. If there are any issues with fuel flow, then there are high chances that your tractor will not work. 

Secondly, you must keep a check on the fuel filters. The filters have to be clean, and there should be no sludge or dirt as they can highly affect the fuel flow, which will directly affect your tractor’s working. 

The fuel lines should also be checked as there are huge chances that the fuel might get stuck there and didn’t go through the further passage. You can maintain the cleanliness of the fuel lines by leaning them with high-pressure air, which will help you have a good fuel flow. 

Apart from the fuel flow, the airflow issues can also give rise to this problem, so cleaning the airflow should also be prioritized. Air filters should be cleaned, and make sure there is no clogging in any way.

So in all, all the fuel filters and air filters should be checked with utter professionalism as they are responsible for the smooth workability and functioning of your tractor. 

The engine gets overheated:

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It might be possible that your tractor will start overheating, and most owners usually experience this problem. This problem arises because of the lousy radiator airflow. If your tractor is getting overheated, it is probably because of the particulates present in your tractor. This causes the blockage of airflows and can give cause to the heat and build up more and more with the usage.

Troubleshooting for this problem:

To prevent this problem from happening with your tractors, it is highly recommended to clean or remove any dust particles and debris from the fins of your tractor’s radiator. It will help you get rid of their problem, and also you can do it even before you are facing that problem so that you don’t have to face it in the future. You can get rid of this problem by blowing the dirt through air compressors.

Power take-off problems:

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There is not, mainly, one particular reason that your PTO is malfunctioning as there would be many. It might happen because the bush hog is frequently shutting off as the power does not access your power take-off. This results in the malfunctioning of your PTO.

Troubleshooting of this problem:

If you are facing this place, you should try to do some things that can help you resolve this place. The further points will help you out in getting rid of the problem.

The foremost thing that you can do is to check your clutch pack. There are high chances that you are facing this problem because your clutch pack is flawed, which can frequently trouble you while using your tractor. It is highly recommended to check the clutch pack so that you can ensure that it is working correctly or not. 

You can replace it or fix the existing one and have good mechanical help so that you can freely use it in the future. 

Another problem that you might face under the category of PTO would be the floating point of which the PTO control valve consists. To ensure that your PTO works perfectly, you must do the pressure test with the valve, and if you feel like there is some problem, it is essential to replace the valve as soon as the problem occurs as it will cause the malfunctioning of your tractor. 

Never neglect or ignore your tractor’s PTO problems, as it is an essential component of your tractor. You must take the measure right away without any delay; otherwise, there are chances that your tractor will stop working correctly. 

Steering system not working meticulously:

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This problem is not one of the significant ones but or commonly occurs with your tractor, but you might experience this. If you face this problem, you might not be able to operate or use your tractor’s steering freely and with ease. It might make your tractor’s effective working down, which you will never want to happen. It usually happens because of the air present in the hydraulic system. Another factor could be deficient oiling in the tank of your tractor or lastly because of the issues with the cylinders of your steering. 

Troubleshooting of this problem:

For the issue of air in the hydraulic system, it is recommended to remove the air from the system and check if it is working out for you or not. 

It is essential to fill up the oil tank for the oil issue, and your issue will be resolved easily.

 And the problem of your steering cylinders you must change it with a new one as it is the only option you can do to cure this problem and have smooth workability of your steering.  

Problems of regeneration and lights flashing:

Regeneration is an essential element for the good functioning of the tractor. It ensures that your tractor operations are excellent and working problems. The regen of Kubota L3901 should be done every 28-30 hours, which might be a big problem. The issue that arises because of frequent regeneration is that it takes a lot of fuel and heats the other parts of the tractor, and this also can turn out to be pretty dangerous. 

Another problem that might arise is that sometimes the tractor lights keep on flashing. It generally happens that the lights will get off after the regeneration process is done, but in L3901, it doesn’t get off. The light flashing problem is an issue to consider and resolve as it can take up a lot of energy which can directly affect the tractor’s working. 

Troubleshooting for this problem:

To solve this problem from its roots, there are a few things that you can try out and make more accessible for you:

If you are facing the problem of regeneration, it is recommended to contact the dealer or check for the solution in the Kubota L3901 manual as it can help you resolve this problem. 

You must try to go for a much higher RPM till you see the light indicator stop flashing. When the process is thoroughly done, the lights will stop flashing. 

One more thing you can do is put the tractor under the regen process for 15-20 minutes without any interruption; this will also help stop the light from flashing. 

Flashing problems can be solved if you note and apply these points in your practical life, and if you face a lot of trouble even after following these points, you must definitely take good mechanical help. 

Final words

Every machine experiences different problems, and like the other tractors or machines, Kubota L3901 problems can be easily solved. Kubota tractors are tractors and have high-tech functioning, but there might be some cases where you can experience some kind of problem. However, there is nothing much to worry about. They can be solved quickly, and still, if you feel that it is not solving, it is recommended to contact the dealer and take good repair options. 

Everyone wants to buy the best thing for their use, and investing in a tractor is not easy, and it takes a lot of money also, but if you check your tractor’s working time to time, then you will feel like you took the best option of buying the tractor as it will not make you spend a lot of money on repairs and services.