Labor of Love at Archi’s Acres

Labor of Love at Archi's Acres

Finding their place in civilian life can be hard for veterans returning from war, but there’s a haven in rural Valley Center, Calif., about 20 miles from Camp Pendleton, where they can take stock of their lives, learn new skills and integrate back into civilian life. “Most of the fighting in Iraq is in urban … Read more

A BERRY Family Affair

Growing raspberries, teaching the work ethic According to the Washington Red Raspberry Commission, Whatcom County raspberry farmers set a record harvest of 66.3 million pounds of raspberries in 2011, a 22 percent increase over 2010. The previous record was 61.2 million pounds in 2000. Whatcom County’s raspberry production represented nearly 92 percent of Washington’s total … Read more

The Evolution of Olive Harvesting

Olive Harvesting

Mechanical methods essential to industry survival “For us, moving to mechanical harvesting of table olives is not optional. It’s something we have to do, or we’re going to lose the industry,” said Bill Krueger, echoing concerns expressed in other produce industries. Krueger, University of California Cooperative Extension farm adviser, has worked with California tree fruit … Read more

Successful Generational Farming

Successful Generational Farming

Sakuma Brothers specializes in excellence The H_agen-Dazs philosophy is to find the purestand finest ingredients and to craft them into thebest ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt in theworld. Sakuma Brothers’ strawberries may befound in H_agen-Dazs products sold throughout Europe,Asia Pacific, Latin America and South Africa. SakumaBrothers Farms earns an A+ for its vertically integratedsmall … Read more

What is a Farm Wife?

What is a Farm Wife?

If you have listened to any news in the last nine months, then you are aware that there is a campaign underway to elect the next president of the United States. During this time we have heard about women’s rights and gender equality from both parties. I am not going to get into which candidate … Read more