Editor’s Note: Big Ag Gets Bigger

Editor’s Note: Big Ag Gets Bigger

I’m sure you’ve heard about the potential acquisition of ag giant Monsanto by Germany’s Bayer AG and the lingering effects it could have in this industry. At first glance, it appears the ag bigs are getting bigger. Along with the merger of DuPont and Dow, plus the proposed teaming of ChemChina and Syngenta, this consolidation … Read more

Top Lighting for Indoor Growing

Top Lighting for Indoor Growing

You’ve got your fruit and vegetable crops set up in your indoor operation, but what about the lighting? The following are four LED lighting options for your indoor growing operation. Philips LED Lighting Vertical farming and city farming are popular ways to farm when a lot of space for crops is far and few in … Read more

14 Quick Tips for Weathering Drought and Flooding

Weathering Drought and Flooding

1. Do not irrigate when water is not needed. 2. Encourage deeper rooting of crops. 3. Plant annual crops that could be fallowed in severe drought periods when no water is available. 4. Plant a diverse array of crops. 5. Choose a high-value crop to maximize return and offset costs of irrigation, etc. 6. Introduce … Read more

Rooftop Farming: An Alternative Growing System

Rooftop farming

Cities are known for their distinctive skylines, high-rise buildings and dense populations, not for production agriculture. Many of the United States’ largest cities lack acres of lush, fertile farmland. The land that is available rents or sells for premium prices. Rooftop farming Read about: Keep Greenhouse Crops Cool in the Summer Challenges aside, urban residents crave fresh … Read more

Water Challenges: Adapting For Too Much or Not Enough

Water Challenges

On a mountainside in Downeast Maine, Gail VanWart and her husband turned their 150-year-old wild blueberry farm into a native pollinator sanctuary. The move, a creative attempt to save the blueberry crop, was a response to several years of intense springtime rainfall that was preventing imported honeybees from pollinating the plants. In Hammonton, New Jersey, … Read more